Take 6 with Revgear

Take 6 with Revgear – Dustin Jacoby

Dustin Jacoby’s route into the ranks of the GLORY World Series is like something out of a movie. The American light heavyweight had just finished a Thursday night training session

Take 6 with Revgear – Myles Jury

What was your first experience with Martial Arts? At the time I encountered Martial Arts I didn’t have much going for me and I was not on the best path

Take 6 with Revgear – Legacy Bantamweight Eli Tamez

What was your first experience with Martial Arts? I actually used to go to a local bar fight night where they would let anyone compete. It was either boxing or

Take 6 with Revgear – UFC Lightweight Joe Proctor

What was your first experience with Martial Arts? My first time training was back in 2008, I went into Reality Self Defense which is now Lauzon MMA and I started

Take 6 with Revgear – UFC Middleweight Yoel Romero

What was your first experience with Martial Arts? The first experience I had with Martial Arts was in Germany.  I received a phone call out of nowhere and they said

Technique of the Week

TOW #40 – Jiu Jitsu: Breaking Grips Over Under

This week learn from Dean how to break an over under grip and solidify the choke. Start by taking your opponents back and securing the over under, he will try


Muay Thai is the name of the game this week.  This tip will focus on keeping your opponent off balance. Your opponent being off balance is a sure fire way

TOW #38 – Jiu Jitsu: Arm In Guillotine Variation

Scotty and Niko from Tenth Planet are back with us this week to show you a very helpful Jiu Jitsu tip. This week Scotty explains the Arm in Guillotine variation.

TOW #37 – Muay Thai: Jab to Leg Kick

We’re back this week with some Muay Thai up our sleeve. We get right down to basics this week as Alan lays out a nice jab to leg kick combo

TOW #36 – Jiu Jitsu: Stoner Control to Foot Lock

Welcome back to Revgear’s Technique of the Week video series. This week we learn from THE Scotty Epstein of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in West LA. Scott will take us step

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