Alex Black from Bushi Ban and Twin Wolves MMA

alex black

Revgear sponsored fighter Alex Black, 21, lives in Killeen, Texas. Alex fights for Bushi Ban under Masters Zulfi Ahmed and Eric Loveless, and for Twin Wolves MMA under Grey Tisdale. He is also a full time instructor at Twin Wolves MMA.

His favorite style is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling and it is Alex’s strongest aspect in fighting. But he also loves to kick box and believes that his stand up is getting better every day.

Alex’s most recent fight was on September 12, 2009 for Lonestar Beatdown at the Houston Arena Theater. His opponent was Austin Franks. The fight was difficult for Alex because Austin had a 4-pound weight advantage (Alex had to fight at 150 lb instead of his regular 145 lb). Which made it worse, Alex broke his hand when he hit Austin with the hook in Round 1. In the next two rounds Alex had to fight not only his opponent but also the pain. He finally won by 29-27 decision.

Alex Black is now 2-0 as an amateur MMA fighter and can’t wait for his hand to get better to fight again!

You can watch the video of this fight here>>>

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  • Mark Williams

    Awesome!!! Congrats to Alex. Isn’t Alex managed by B3 Sports Management? I heard he was part of Team B3. If so, congrats on that too!

  • Alex Black

    thanks mark, and yes im sponsered by team b3 also.

    and thank you revgear for all the suport