Ashley Nee: “You Should Never Be Afraid of An Attack!”

Ashley Nee, 24, started training seriously in martial arts in 2005 when she moved from Boston, Massachusetts to North Carolina.

Ashley comes from a South Boston Irish family of boxers. Her grandfather was a Navy and Golden Gloves champion, and her father did some amateur fights. Her cousin is credited as one of Ireland’s greatest ever boxers. So Ashley always had an interest in kickboxing. She sought out a place to start training in Muay Thai Kickboxing with an aim to compete and found Sifu Scott Shields.


Soon after, she started training in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Jiu Jitsu classes as well. Through Sifu Shields she became acquainted with Sensei’s Mark Cukro and Jason Outlaw and in 2009 was invited to teach and train at the Integrated Martial Arts Academy in Harrisburg, North Carolina. She is now starting her MMA/Muay Thai fighting career proudly representing Scott Shields Martial Arts Academy, Team C.O.M.A. and Trinity Mixed Martial Arts and is sponsored by Revgear and East Coast Fight Club. Her current MMA record is 2 -0.

In addition to the traditional martial arts she practices, Ashley also has a keen interest in women’s self defense. She feels that continued training is the key to women protecting themselves and it is her goal to develop a comprehensive system that will teach women the confidence and skills they need to never be afraid of an attack.


Pictures: Elite Championships Cage Fighting on August 22, 2009 in Lenior, North Carolina against Kristin Trull. Ashley won by unanimous decision.

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  • She might actually win some fights if she had a Legit BJJ instructor.

    Scott Sheilds is a fraud.He claims to have a BJJ black belt under Marcus Renato. Marcus Renato does not exist. This man is a con artist and a disgrace to Martial arts

  • Hadoken

    It isnt her fault, the dude is very charismatic and good at lying/twisting words and facts around. Sad to see people taken advantage of by guys like Scott Shields…