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The Future of Female BJJ

Jul 02, 20121 Comment401 Views

One of the Revgear Ambassador Program’s impressive young talents is Jessica Khan.  Relatively new to the program, Khan has been making herself well know very

Thibault Scores a Win For Female Fights Eve...

Jun 15, 2012No Comments371 Views

The Revgear Ambassadors have been incredibly active in the month of May.  One of the most exciting up and coming female fighters in the program

Women Fighters Are Here To Stay

May 29, 20121 Comment350 Views

The second fight of the night at Long Beach Fight Night #14 was a female feature. Revgear Ambassador Melissa “Real” Steele faced Katie Klimansky-Casimir inside

Danika Thibault Wins by Guillotine

May 08, 2012No Comments372 Views

The American Predator Fighting Championship: MMA at the Maxx 2 was treated to a great fight by one of Revgear’s most competitive female Ambassadors.  Danika

Dominic and Kyra Batara Just Don’t Stop

May 07, 2012No Comments421 Views

This sibling duo, Dominic and Kyra Batara may be two of the most active competitors in the RevgearAmbassador program. Over the last couple of months

Jessica Gold Wins a Bloody Brawl in Akron, ...

May 04, 2012No Comments340 Views

Jessica Gold took to the cage April 21st for a bout at NAAFS’ Combat Challenge 20 in Akron, Ohio. The Revgear Ambassador entered the bout

Rising Star in Womens MMA

Mar 01, 2012No Comments403 Views

Revgear Ambassador Monique Travis of Knuckle Up Fitness won her first women’s MMA match via unanimous decision at Wild Bill’s Fight Night in Atlanta, GA

Revgear Ambassador Success Story

Jan 20, 2012No Comments370 Views

Revgear Ambassador Katie Deuce Deuce Dihle has been an ambassador for almost three years and has taken her training and sponsorship to the maximum potential!

Torres Wins In 28 Seconds

Oct 26, 2011No Comments364 Views

  Tecia Torres won via TKO in just 28 seconds of the first round of her MMA fight against Rebecca Gruitza at NAAFS Caged Fury

Jessica Eve Richer: Tournament Results

May 02, 2011No Comments324 Views

Jessica is currently finishing up a six week training camp for her first MMA fight, she will be making her cage debut at the NAAFS