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Boxing, Kickboxing… and Being Boxed?

Oct 19, 2009No Comments250 Views

David Crol, a gym owner and instructor from Escandon, Mexico is working out with Revgear free standing bags. And says hello, too 🙂

Kombat Arts: My shin guards of choice

Sep 18, 2009No Comments264 Views

These Revgear Ultralight Shin Guards are super light for fast kicking. They are well cushioned to help protect your shin but not overly cushioned… Read

Jim Graden from Cardio Karate in Seminole, ...

Sep 02, 20092 Comments333 Views

[brightcove vid=33818133001&exp3=2441023001&surl=] Jim Graden, former World Heavyweight Kickboxying Title Holder, tells about his Ultimate Bodyshaping Course. Read the article from St. Petersburg Times by Terry

Roxy Balboa Wins the 2009 Ultimate Warriors...

Jul 23, 2009No Comments215 Views

Roxy Balboa Shares Her Secrets to Winning the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai-Kickboxing World Championship. What were the results? Roxy: I won by unanimous decision

Roxy Balboa preparing for the 2009 Ultimate...

Jul 15, 2009No Comments221 Views

Roxy’s working up a sweat for her competition at the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai–Kickboxing World Championship Saturday, July 18 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Busy Month for Revgear Fighter Roxy Richard...

Jun 22, 2009No Comments219 Views

Busy month for Revgear MMA Fighter Roxy Richardson. She’s in Hollywood training for her next fight and building out her new gym RoxyFit. Roxy’s working

Revgear Sponsored Fighter Julian Bravo Nava

Apr 29, 20095 Comments278 Views

Julian Bravo Nava, 24, has been fighting for 4 years already. Although he has no belt ranking in any art, he’s been training hard in

John Rivera, Revgear Sponsored Fighter From...

Apr 03, 20096 Comments332 Views

John Rivera is originally from Trenton, NJ. He’s been training in martial arts for more than 30 years in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (Bao Shu

Tanner Varley, Revgear Sponsored Fighter

Mar 17, 20092 Comments295 Views

Tanner Varley, 14, is from Harrisburg, North Carolina. He represents Team C.O.M.A. under Senseis Jason Outlaw, Mark Cukro, and Derrick Pearson. Tanner practices Japanese and

Amateur Kickboxing Fight Night “Come ...

Mar 02, 2009No Comments235 Views

On Saturday, April 4th we celebrate with our next Amateur Kickboxing Fight Night “Come Back and Attack” sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. Lots