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Revgear fighter Dominic Batara

Jul 19, 20103 Comments48 Views

Revgear fighter Dominic Batara, 7, went 4-0 winning all of his matches in the Gi and No-Gi submitting all of his opponents.  His relentless game plan

Revgear Young Champ Wins Again

Jul 13, 20101 Comment50 Views

On July 10th, 2010 Luke Morgan took part in NAGA Georgia championship. Luke took 1st place in his division. He had to move to intermediate

Aidan Claproth, Young Revgear Fighter

Apr 21, 20103 Comments105 Views

Aidan Claproth, 12, has been training in MMA since he was eight. In those four years he has come a long way. Aidan’s fighting disciplines/styles

Young Bad Boy Grapplers

Mar 18, 2010No Comments24 Views

Bad Boy introduces new Bad Boy Grapplers: Ryan Spangler (left) and Michael Alvarez (right). Ryan and Michael will be representing Bad Boy in the kid

Team Revgear: Ruffo Brothers

Feb 05, 2010No Comments38 Views

Carlos Ruffo is 9 years old and Giovanni is 8. Carlos and Giovanni began training in JKD when they were only 18 months old. At

Kobe Cochran Rocks

Feb 02, 2010No Comments44 Views

On January 30, 2010, Kobe Cochran, one of the youngest Revgear fighters, competed at Gladiator Open in Rome, Georgia. He won first place in kids

Ruffo Brothers: Wrestling Season Began

Dec 14, 20091 Comment58 Views

Update from Ruffo Brothers: Wrestling season has officially begun! On December 5, 2009, Carlos and Giovanni both placed first in their divisions at the Vegas

Ruffo Brothers: Getting Ready for the Wrest...

Nov 23, 20091 Comment32 Views

Carlos, Gio and Royce Ruffo have been working really hard recently,  getting ready for the upcoming wrestling season. Xtreme Couture just began their youth wrestling

Kobe Cochran at 8th Annual Casca Grossa

Nov 23, 2009No Comments47 Views

New photos (and new victories) from Kobe Cochran. November 7, 2009, 8th Annual Casca Grossa in Georgia. Although Kobe had to compete against a much

Sneak Pick of 2009 World MMA Award Show

Nov 17, 2009No Comments31 Views

On October 27, 2009 Carlos, Giovanni, and Royce Ruffo were asked to be a part of the 2009 World MMA Award show put on by