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IFBB Pro Larissa Reis Training with Revgear (September 15, 2014 4:21 pm)

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Invicta 5: Kaufman and Smith in The Kansas ...

May 07, 2013No Comments169 Views

          Revgear sponsored fighters Sarah Kaufman (left) and Leslie Smith (right) went head to head at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas

Revgear As Seen In Ultimate MMA

May 01, 2013No Comments228 Views

The Revgear Gel Hand Wrap was featured in the May 2013 issue of Ultimate MMA Magazine. Our gel wraps are made with Anti-Shock Rev-Tech Gel™

TOW #21 – Jiu Jitsu: No Hand Pass

Apr 26, 2013No Comments119 Views

Do you know how to pass guard with no hands? Watch and learn as Revgear team fighters Scott Epstein and Dean Geyer (yes, the Australian)

TOW #19 – Wrestling: Duck Under

Mar 22, 2013No Comments127 Views

Used more in Greco Roman style of wrestling our Technique of the Week video will focus on the Duck Under. We met up with Conor

TOW #18 – Muay Thai: Low Kick Counter

Mar 08, 2013No Comments124 Views

Time for some Muay Thai! Any kick to the shin without proper shin guards can be extremely daunting and painful.  In this week’s episode learn how

TOW #16 – Jiu Jitsu: Electric Sweep Pass

Feb 07, 20131 Comment221 Views

The Electric Sweep Pass is a great technique when your opponent is extremely flexible or if you just can’t quite get the electric chair submission.

He May Be Young, But He Wins Like A Veteran

May 11, 20121 Comment113 Views

Revgear Ambassadors come in all different sizes and ages. One of the top ambassadors in the stable of young competitors is Ruben Huron Jr. The

Dominic and Kyra Batara Just Don’t Stop

May 07, 2012No Comments123 Views

This sibling duo, Dominic and Kyra Batara may be two of the most active competitors in the RevgearAmbassador program. Over the last couple of months

Can Martial Arts Training Stop Bullying?

May 03, 2012No Comments110 Views

Contributing Guest Blogger Gary Edwards Head MMA coach at Laurel Mountain MMA, North Carolina Bullies are here to stay. A recent awareness to the bullying

Undefeated Update: Travis Higgins

May 02, 2012No Comments82 Views

NAGA Nationals has another undefeated competitor in Revgear Ambassador Travis Higgins.  Higgins won gold and placed first in this cruiserweight tournament on March 31st in