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Joel Mickells’ Pro Debut

Sep 04, 20092 Comments213 Views

Joel Mickells, Revgear sponsored fighter, won his first professional fight on Thursday, September 3, 2009. This was a Pro Muay Thai Fight for Ring Wars

Paul Reavlin at Muay Thai Academy

Sep 02, 2009No Comments189 Views

It was UFC 100 in Las Vegas so what better time for Paul Reavlin, owner of Revgear, to pay a visit to Master Toddy at

Roxy Balboa Wins the 2009 Ultimate Warriors...

Jul 23, 2009No Comments155 Views

Roxy Balboa Shares Her Secrets to Winning the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai-Kickboxing World Championship. What were the results? Roxy: I won by unanimous decision

Roxy Balboa preparing for the 2009 Ultimate...

Jul 15, 2009No Comments152 Views

Roxy’s working up a sweat for her competition at the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai–Kickboxing World Championship Saturday, July 18 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Young Revgear Fighter Trevor “Mongo” Ph...

Jun 23, 20094 Comments287 Views

Trevor Philips is 16 years old and lives in Orleans, Indiana. Trevor’s dad is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so Trevor started learning

Busy Month for Revgear Fighter Roxy Richard...

Jun 22, 2009No Comments153 Views

Busy month for Revgear MMA Fighter Roxy Richardson. She’s in Hollywood training for her next fight and building out her new gym RoxyFit. Roxy’s working

Revgear Fighter Wins Again!

Jun 09, 20091 Comment173 Views

On June 7, 2009 Revgear Sponsored Fighter Joel Mickells defeated Nathan Ruthowski in the Thai Boxing Association Men’s Class A Lightweight (135 lb) Title Belt

Tanner Varley, Revgear Sponsored Fighter

Mar 17, 20092 Comments209 Views

Tanner Varley, 14, is from Harrisburg, North Carolina. He represents Team C.O.M.A. under Senseis Jason Outlaw, Mark Cukro, and Derrick Pearson. Tanner practices Japanese and

Revgear Sponsored Fighter Marco Jimenez

Mar 13, 2009No Comments216 Views

Marco Jimenez, 26, grew up in San Diego, California. He’s a former United States Marine. After his discharge from the military, he became a computer

Roxy “Balboa” Richardson wins WCK Muay ...

Mar 06, 2009No Comments171 Views

Roxy Wins the Fight February 28, 2009, WCK Muay Thai at the Hollywood Park Casino: Revgear sponsored fighter Roxy “Balboa” Richardson fought against Christine Hackbart