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Aidan Claproth, Young Revgear Fighter

Aidan Claproth, 12, has been training in MMA since he was eight. In those four years he has come a long way. Aidan’s fighting disciplines/styles include Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, USJA Judo, Boxing, MMA/Grappling, Wrestling. Aidan trains under Tony Scott Allen of Combined Martial Science in Chino, CA. Aidan competed in numerous USJA Judo, BJJ, Grappling, MMA and Pankration tournaments on the West Coast, Nevada and Hawaii....

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Ruffo Brothers: Getting Ready for the Wrestling Season

Carlos, Gio and Royce Ruffo have been working really hard recently,  getting ready for the upcoming wrestling season. Xtreme Couture just began their youth wrestling club, so the boys will be doing tournaments in Vegas on Saturdays. On Sundays they will be competing in their local CAGWA tournaments  in California. ...

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MMA Mom Talking: “MMA is like any area of life”

Kayanna Ruffo, Carlos’ and Giovanni’s mother, talks about her sons, their training, and how she feels about MMA for kids. We know that the topic of kids learning MMA is getting a lot of negative attention lately. The truth is just like in any other area in their life children are going to behave and react in the way they have been taught, and from what...

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