David D’Antonio, Revgear Sponsored Fighter

August 13, 2009

davidDantonioDavid D’Antonio, 36, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of 2009, David has 31 years of constant training in the martial arts. He began to study Koga Ryu Wada-ha Ninpo under the guidance of Soke Haruo Oyama, Ni Dai Soke Anthony Jr. and Ni Dai Soke Fred Barnes. Currently David holds the 10th Degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu and the title of Soke (which means Grandmaster or “Head of Family”).

David favors Ninjutsu as a martial art, but also loves Jiu-Jitsu and boxing. David was able to put to real world use his skills in Ninja arts working in various capacities. Over the years he has been teaching Ninjutsu to men, women and children. The culmination of David’s real world fighting experience became his creation of C.U.T.S. – Critical Urban Tactical Strategies – a system of reality based counter offensive threat neutralization. David is the captain of MMA Team Ground Zero and trains at “The Dungeon” in Philadelphia.

David used to compete in NHB fights in 1991, but then retired from fighting. On June 6, 2009 David made his return to the cage with a Title Victory at Brawlers Inc. Invitational as the World Grandmasters Bare Knuckle Champion. David defeated Jose “The Heat” Huerra in round 3 at 2:36 via tapout from a triangle choke. David wants to pursue a new career in MMA with his manager Andrew Marshall and his promoter Charles Prosper. He is training to compete several times this and next year with the ultimate goal to become either UFC or WEC middleweight champion. And Revgear knows:  Where there is a will, there is a way.


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