Enter to win Mauricio "Shogun" Rua signed gear – MMA gloves, t-shirts & shorts.

August 19, 2011

Want to win? There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. Tweet a good luck message to any of our fighters (@BrendanSchaub, @LuizCaneMMA or @SertanejoUFC) in the UFC 134 fight, and include @Revgear & #Rev134 at the end of the tweet.
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  3. Leave a comment on this blog telling us who you think will win the Shogun Rua vs Forrest Griffin fight, in what round and how.

Each person may enter all 3 ways, one entry per way will count. We will pick 3 winners at random from all entries. Each winner will receive 1 of the above prizes (random). Entries accepted from Friday, August 19th at 9am PST to Friday August 26th at 12pm PST. Winners announced at 5pm PST across all social networks.

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  • Drew Cornish

    The fight between Shogun and Forrest will be a great one once again,but I think Forrest will once again come out on top,Forrest is very tough,and I think he will be able to counterstrike very well and take Shogun down and ground and pound him,and work for submissions,I see Forrest grinding out a hard fought decision,possibly a third round submission like before.

    • Joshuah

      Griffins size, footwork and heart will get him a decision.

  • Matthias P

    The first fight was a big adjustment for Shogun. It is a big difference going from a cage to a ring. It is especially difficult not having soccer kicks or foot stomps when they are your bread and butter. Shougun has had time to adjust and rethink his game plan in the cage. With Shogun fired up to redeem himself from the Jones fight, avenge the loss, and get back to title contention, we’ll see one hell of a fight. As with the Machida rematch, I predict this rematch will end quickly. Shogun will wast no time putting down Griffin.
    Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via TKO Round 1.

  • Reda

    Considering how much of a setback the Jones fight has been, the fact that he’s fighting in his homeland and his desire to avenge his loss to Griffin I think Shogun will be angrier than ever to grab the win. I don’t see Forrest’s biggest frame to be an issue coming into the fight and if he shows up 100 percent healed I could see Shogun TKOing Forrest in the first round.

  • Clint Rutter

    Shogun wins TKO Rd 2 (3:30)

  • Jerome Taylor

    Shogun has got this! I dont see Forrest beating him again but you never know. If Shogun is truly healthy he should win

  • Zach Rusk

    Shogun will win by UD
    Forest is done in the ring. Loved watching him while it lasted, but its time to go.

  • Michael

    Shogun TKO Round 2

  • Luke R

    Shogun KO First Round!

  • There are only two possible outcomes in this fight. Both of them end with Shogun’s hand being raised. Either Shogun decides that he just wants to finish Griffin as soon as possible. Or he will decide that he wants to put on a violent, Chute Boxe performance. A performance that will be remembered for years to come. Shogun is going to have a lot of pent up anger and aggression for this fight, he witnessed his master lose recently to Chris Leben. He is one of the last true stars from the legendary Chute Boxe Academy. Which prided it self on violence. Shogun is going to come out there and focus on his hands at first, not wanting to risk being taken down. Than as Forrest starts to get blooded and tired, he will focus on kicks to the body and legs to weaken him even further. Than late into the 3rd round Forrest is going to crumble to the superior Shogun. At the end of the night, I will be alone in my basement with my Shogun vale tudo shorts on, screaming Chute Boxe and Pride Never Die.

  • stfn

    I am expecting a very motivated Shogun, mainly due the fact that he wants to avenge this loss and I think he will want to put on an amazing performance fighting in Brazil.

    I think most of the fight will remain standing, with Shogun taking the slight advange here. He will be getting close to putting Griffin away but ultimately will take this fight by split decision.

    It is going to be a very entertaining and competitive fight, most likely being FoTN.

  • Forrest Griffin Unanimous Decision Round 3

  • Kyle Ryznar

    This fight can go either way, if the shogun I love shows up then griffins gonna have his ego bruised for a long time. It’ll be a kickboxing clinic. He seems hungry, and eager to get back on that winning horse. Forrest poses a few challenges, he’s bigger much bigger, and well he is great an anything particular he’s good everywhere. If shogun can learn from silvas destruction of griffen than it’ll all be over, with shogun winning by ko in the first. I think it comes down to who’s improved more and who’s evolved. Either way it’s gonna be an awesome fight.

  • Jerome Taylor

    Sorry didnt say how fight would end Shogun by UD

  • Shogun will distroy Forrest this time around. Shogun will give Forrest a taste of his own meds with legs kick, which will set up the knock out in the second round.

  • Troy”hands-of-Stone”Blevins Jr

    Shogun is gonna tko Forrest in the second round

  • chad hankins

    i think shogun will win

  • Tyler M

    Rua, decision, round 3