Jim Graden from Cardio Karate in Seminole, Florida: a good cardio workout and much more

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Jim Graden, former World Heavyweight Kickboxying Title Holder, tells about his Ultimate Bodyshaping Course. Read the article from St. Petersburg Times by Terry Tomalin.


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  • http://www.ultimatebodyshaping.com Jodi Milner

    Just wanted to give some credit to our UBC members giving those RevGear bags a serious workout. PHOTOS: In back is Nancy Sarka – a 60+ year old marathoner who keeps fit between races with this terrific cardio conditioning regimen. At the front of the picture is UBC Coach/Instructor Karen Iannotti who is a Blue Belt under 7th degree Master Jim Graden. The video features, in no specific order, UBC Instructor Khris Turpin, Coach Mike Whitcraft, UBC National Director Mindy Graden, Courtney Gaul, Kerri Gaetz, UBC National Representative Laura Byrd and of course – former World Kickboxing Champion and 7th Degree Master Jim Graden.

  • Raymond Niski

    Interested in becoming a student. Can you provide class days and times so I can try a class out.

    I work with one of your students Ben Mcbride.


    Ray Niski