John Rivera, Revgear Sponsored Fighter From Team USA

John Rivera is originally from Trenton, NJ. He’s been training in martial arts for more than 30 years in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (Bao Shu Fang Lian Kung Fu Taji Silat of Princeton), Tang Soo Do (Lee’s Tang Soo Do Academy) and Tae Kwon Do (Kyum Karate). He relocated to Coconut Creek, Florida 3 years ago and began training in Choy Lah Fut (Lee Koon Hung Choy Lah Fut), Muy Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Main HQ’s American Top Team).

John works for Anodyne Medical Device, Inc. as Lead Supervisor in the RF Welding Department.

John Rivera represented the USA at the World Championship Games in Cancun, Mexico. The competition was between Mexico and the USA. The competition took place March 14, 2009 at the Crown Resort Hotel (Cancun, Mexico). John performed in traditional kata, musical kata, open kata, traditional weapons and the Main Event Full Contact Muy Thai Kickboxing. He won Five Gold Medals.

Revgear is inspired by fighters like you, John!


Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear has proudly earned the distinguished acclaim ‘Pro Gear for Pro Fighters’ and continues to be the leading innovator and manufacturer of Martial Arts equipment including training gear, fight gear and fight apparel. The Revgear winning formula of supreme construction and cutting edge technology allows them to succeed in their strives to meet the training needs of athletes and competitors all over the world with durable equipment that can withstand the most demanding bouts. Revgear’s innovation creates products that are devoted to specifically meeting and exceeding the needs of those training in Martial Arts, MMA, Boxing, Self-Defense or Fitness Training.

  • John is the best of the best on or off the competition trail. Congrats for his outstanding performance in Mexico. John is an outstanding ambassador for the United States. God bless.

    Dr. Robinson
    Pensacola, FL

  • Great to know that John is Performing so well!! A pure athlete in the sense of representing the martial arts with a combination of the different style – He must be a generous-and-open minde person in real life too!!
    Best Wishes to accompany you with your Fighting endeavours!
    Master Lenord le Hanie
    South African Combatives

  • Sifu Gabriel

    Sifu ,standing tall and looking strong as ever,keep up the good work and do not alter from your goals or your objectives.Good fortune and success to you always,tu amigo siempre Sifu Gabriel Wing Chun Gung fu

  • Sifu Rivera! Congratulations on your achievements! Of course, I expected no less from you. You are one of the best in what you do. Keep up the good work and I will talk to you soon brother.

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