Legends Speak – Christina Rondeau, USA WAKO – Lightweight Champion

December 4, 2008

chrisChristina Rondeau 

  • Professional Boxer and Kickboxer
  • USA WAKO – Lightweight Champion
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • 5th Degree Black Belt
  • Published Author
  • Fitness Guru & Celebrity Personal Trainer

What does it take to defeat any opponent no matter what their size, strength or ability?

You need to balance each aspect of training and really study yourself. By working extra hard on your own weak spots as well as your strengths. You can always learn more.. the best teachers make the best students.

What was the hardest thing you had to over come to be a successful fighter?

Perseverance! I am a true example of the word, Perseverance! You can NEVER GIVE UP and never let anyone stop you from your goals. You have to believe in yourself and take steps each day towards achieving your goal. Positive thinking always in every situation Never, Ever, Ever, Give Up!


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