Featherweight Champion Mike Brown recently conducted an exclusive 3-hour training seminar…

February 2, 2009

Kimber Tabak of Core Self Defense writes, ‘Thanks in part to Revgear, World Featherweight Champion Mike Brown recently conducted an exclusive 3-hour training seminar at CORE Self Defense, a Krav Maga Official Training Center in San Diego, California.

From double leg take downs to anaconda chokeholds; students were treated to one-on-one training with a true world champion. Mike was incredible as he moved from group to group refining skills and giving everyone a chance to grapple with him personally. He didnt just show students how to use the move. He taught the intricate movements and techniques of each skill to make it most effective to use against your opponent. He even made the time to have a good question and answer session at the end of the workout. Students were able to gain valuable insider information about weight cutting, defensive tactics and mastering the basics.

Thanks again to Revgear for helping to sponsor this unforgettable experience!’

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