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Technique of the Week

TOW #30 – Muay Thai: Jab Switch Kick

This week we have a rather tricky Muay Thai technique for you.  In this tutorial, Alan and Eddie will show you how to use your lead side more efficiently. After

TOW #29 – Jiu Jitsu: Iron Sheik

Jiu Jitsu is the discipline in discussion this week folks. Scotty Epstein is going to walk you though the motions of the submission move known as  the Iron Sheik. This

TOW #28 – Wrestling: Slap Drag Single

Boy do we have a great Technique of the Week for you.  All throughout my wrestling career, my number one shot was the arm drag single.  This is an excellent

TOW #27 – Muay Thai: Jab Feint to Low Kick

This week we are coming at ya from Legends MMA in Huntington Beach. Our coach for this technique is none other than Alan Jouban.  Jab feint to low kick is

TOW #26 – Jiu Jitsu: One Arm Choke

This week we are bringing you an all new Jiu Jitsu technique.  Having good hand positioning in Jiu Jitsu is crucial if you want to gain an advantage over your

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