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Technique of the Week

TOW #25 – Muay Thai: Clinch To Knee

This week we have a Muay Thai technique for you. In Muay Thai, having control in the clinch could be beneficial.  This video will teach how to gain an advantage

TOW #24 – Wrestling: Hi-Crotch to Double Leg

We’re back again with a all new technique for you to learn. This week Conor “The Hurricane” Heun and Curtis Hembroff take you through the motions of shooting a Hi-Crotch

TOW# 23 – Wrestling: Pull Over to Double Leg Take Down

The double leg take down is the most popular take down in all of MMA. This week’s technique is the pull over to double leg take down. Watch as Curtis

TOW# 22 – Muay Thai: Caught Leg Kick Escape

We ‘re back this week with an all new technique for you. We met up with  Alan Jouban and Curtis Hembroff down at Legends MMA to go over techniques for

TOW #21 – Jiu Jitsu: No Hand Pass

Do you know how to pass guard with no hands? Watch and learn as Revgear team fighters Scott Epstein and Dean Geyer (yes, the Australian) break down the Jiu-Jitsu NO

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