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Technique of the Week

TOW #20 – MMA: Pummel Push Drag Double Leg Take Down

This week’s MMA technique is another key set up to have in your grappling arsenal. Learn as Conor and Curtis take you through the steps of how to secure your

TOW #19 – Wrestling: Duck Under

Used more in Greco Roman style of wrestling our Technique of the Week video will focus on the Duck Under. We met up with Conor Huen and Curtis Hembroff at

TOW #18 – Muay Thai: Low Kick Counter

Time for some Muay Thai! Any kick to the shin without proper shin guards can be extremely daunting and painful.  In this week’s episode learn how to counter low kicks  by

TOW #17 – Wrestling: Snap Down to Take Down

This week we go back to the basics of wrestling. Watch how Conor Huen and Curtis Hembroff demonstrate the most effective set up to take down in the sport. Be

TOW #16 – Jiu Jitsu: Electric Sweep Pass

The Electric Sweep Pass is a great technique when your opponent is extremely flexible or if you just can’t quite get the electric chair submission. For this Technique of the

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