Revgear Fighter Juan Pablo Garcia

Juan Pablo Garcia, 27, is originally from Ecuador. He started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu back in Ecuador, and after a couple of years he felt he needed more. Hi started traveling to Brazil and USA to train and to compete. Juan Pablo got his Blue Belt in BJJ with Royce Gracie in Ecuador, and then his Purple Belt with Marcio Simas in Gracie Barra in Orlando, Florida, and won the Florida State Championship right after that.

Juan Pablo returned back to Ecuador, and opened his Gracie Barra school where he was teaching for 3 years. But it was never enough – Juan Pablo wanted to compete more –  so he decided to relocate to the United States. Here he got his Brown Belt under Roberto Tussa Alencar in Gracie Barra, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Currently Juan Pablo teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Gracie Barra Pasadena, Encino and Burbank in California under Prof. Alberto Crane, and competes in various BJJ Tournaments. Next year he wants to get his Black Belt, compete in all BJJ Federation tournaments, and start his MMA career.

Photos: At  Las Vegas International Open IBJJF Championship where Juan Pablo Garcia placed second in Brown Belt Adult/ Medium Heavy division.

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  • thanks for the post i just want to add, im training with Professor Alberto Crane and also working for him at hes worlds famous GRACIE BARRA Encino / Pasadena / Burbank

    all the best

    JP (RevGear / GRACIE BARRA Fighter)

  • Carlos Salas

    The fear makes you weak and little, but to face it makes you invencible.
    te quiero tio que gran ejemplo =)

  • jdelcampo

    hi revgear team, Juan pablo was my instructor when i discover the BJJ, after that he became in my friend and rigth now i´m so proud to see him in your website… receive my regards from Ecuador.

  • Roxana García M.

    Hermano querido, qué alegría verte cosechar.
    Pues estos logros son resultado de tu dedicación, sigue adelante!!
    Que sea Dios tu líder, esforzándote y ayudándote a tomar siempre las decisiones correctas, ya que un hombre completo alimenta su alma, cuerpo y espíritu.
    Te amo hermanito y FELICITACIONES!!

  • Cesar Andrade

    Revgear great website, congratulations for support fighters. I know Juan Pablo and he is very professional, he used to be my BJJ teacher in Ecuador. Juan Pablo please bring some gold to Ecuador!. Best Regards to all you guys!.

    Cesar A.
    Guayaquil – Ecuador.

  • Sherry

    Best of luck to you Juan Pablo! You were my inspiration into the world of BJJ and I love it! We got your back 100% =)

  • Sherry

    Best of Luck Juan Pablo! You were my inspiration into the BJJ world and I love it! We got your back 100% =)

  • Boris

    Hi RevGear i have one of your rashguards thanks by JP… Everytime JP comes to Ecuador he comes to visit my academy and we train together. Soon i will be there with him too and maybe representing RevGear TOO!! nobody knows lol!


  • Boris

    Hi RevGear i have one of your rashguards thanks by JP… Everytime JP comes to Ecuador he comes to visit my academy and we train together. Soon i will be there with him too and maybe representing RevGear TOO!! nobody knows lol!

    Back in days i used to train with JP here in Ecuador i learn a lot with him, and we where a solid training team… it was kind of tough without an experience BJJ teacher those days, but JP took the iniciative and go to USA to train by himself… when he comes back to Ecuador in 2005 he came stronger, smarter and wi agressive style from his Training

    I took the same example and i went there too… The Story is repeating again… he is doing the example and I will follow it AGAIN see you there JP in the IBJJF and maybe the UFC haha


    • haha thanks Chino u are the man Bro!! lov u and i love ur team and school everybody is great and your workouts are killers
      i know u will make it here soon all the best for u my friend and i will see u in Ecuador to keep training together like always!!

  • Tiberio Salas


  • Milena

    Thank you Juan Pablo for being a great teacher and an awesome friend! Best of luck to you in any direction you will take in life!

  • JoAnn


  • Tiberio Salas

    Cosechando de la perseverancia, persistencia, paciencia y pasión que le has puesto a lo que haces! Esa son tus cuatro P! BENDICIONES

  • thanks God Bless u guys!!

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