Revgear sponsored fighter Chris Bennett

January 22, 2009

Revgear sponsored fighter Chris Bennett came in 3rd in no-GI Division 149 and 2nd in the Men’s Advanced Gi at the Tri-State Grappling Championship. A green belt, Chris had quite the challenge competing with blue and purple belts. But Dedication to training and honing his skills, Chris tapped out the purple belt, 2 belts above him! We congratulate Chris and his grappling achievements.


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  • chris

    Thanks for the support im training hard for my up coming fights both which are title fights. Thank you

    Chris Bennett

    If you have any questions about my fights please email me at

    • Hiiiii Chrissss!!!!!

  • Hell yea this is f****** sweet!

  • Jamie Paxton

    I just wanted to say how proud i am of my lovely boyfriend. Seeing him grow from when he first started to now is amazing. He is extremely creative and never stops. He is an all around fighter and has his heart in the right place.

    Love you Jamie

  • Heather

    Chris is my son and I would like to say how very proud I am of him and all that he accomplished with his fighting. He is very loyal to his training and I know that if he keeps working as hard as he has he will go far. I see a bright and promising future for my son. Keep up the good work.

  • Greg

    Chris is like a son to me and I am extremely proud of him. I very much admire all his dedication and comittment to his sport. Chris has a very good head on his shoulders and he has a great future ahead of him.

  • kari

    i would love to see Chris fight.
    He’s such an amazing person off the mat, that i definitely want to see him in action.

  • Gm

    I recently became a friend of Chris on MySpace. I am very impressed with the way he handles himself, and I believe he has the potential to achieve any goal he sets for himself. I am pulling for him in all he does and am looking forward to tracking his successes and the lessons he learns along the way. Chris is a fine chap and great role model!

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