Revgear Sponsored Fighter Shawn Carter Wins a Fight!

March 13, 2009

Shawn Carter, 20, is from Owensboro,

On February 21, 2009 in Brandenburg, KY, Shawn fought independent fighter Cody Bruce. The fight was set to be fought at 195 lbs. On winning the fight, Shawn said: “It was a very intense and bloody fight! It was awesome!”



Both Shawn and Cody have agreed to a rematch.

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  • KWC MMA Club

    Wow, you made a mess of this guy. Thats he badass Shawn Carter everyone knows and loves. Keep it rolling Shawn!

    KWC MMA Club!!!

  • Brandon Stein

    Good Job Bro I’m pround of you

  • Damn!!! Another victory and that one looks like it hurt that fool. Watch out for Carter!!!!!!

  • Sra. M

    Pretty gruesome but congratulations on taking down Cody. He’s no longer undefeated now, is he?

  • Club President

    Wow, it really looks like your taking off on the right track. Your sponsors must be very proud of you, you are representing them very well. I just hope that they are showing the same gratitude and effort to you that you are giving for them! CONGRATS JAY-Z!!!


  • Mike

    Congratulations on your second win man. I’m still surfing the channels, wondering why I haven’t seen you on the big screen yet. The WEC doesn’t know what they’re missing.

  • Andrew Wyatt

    Keep on makin moves bro, your for real working your way up the ladder. You’ll be on top in no time. Congrats

  • Steve

    Congrats Shawn those look pretty good. I know you love what your doing, so keep it up. I hope your sponsor is showing you the same kinda love in return. I’ve never seen anyone train as hard as you do!!!! I was looking at the other blogs, you need to get a pair of those “Limited Edition Shogun Vale Tudo Shorts” there pretty sweet!

  • Steve

    P.S. wasn’t this the so called “badass” from Brandenburg that you were fighting???
    The undefeated MMA fighter, State wrestling champ and 205lb belt holder???? Again, Congrats on beating him at his own game!

  • T.

    That was a really good fight, you didnt give up when most people would have! You did a great job and im proud of you! You look alot better than he does in the pictures, lol looks like he took the worste beating ever!!!

  • Tez

    Jay-Z i think u iight cant choke me out but we will c Good job bruha

  • shawn

    I just wanted to stop and say thanks, people are really noticing this and i have had alot of people, i mean TONS asking about my sponsor “REVGEAR”…so the words getting out there… i hope we can keep this up…. the blogs look great!
    I would also like to thank all my fans out there, THANKS!!!!


  • Fat Matt

    stay with it Jay-Z, slowly but surely your climbin the ladder to the top

  • BEN

    Shawn looks like a tough ass 20 year old kid. Won his only two fights so far, probably better on his feet, but he’s found a way to win both fights on the ground. Impressive considering his last opponent was a belt holder with TONS of wrestling experience. He’s shown he can take and give pretty good blows. Good luck man.

  • Kevin C

    Hey Shawn, Looks like your doing awesome. I just heard about you the other day from your dad. Give me a call. You should know my cell. If you don’t get it from your dad. Keep it up!!!!

    Kevin C

  • Casey J

    My man Jay-Z kickin ass. Continue with your career and be great. Represent for all the KWC panthers. We support you. Bring another victory home.

  • thomas

    Can’t wait to see you fight big time. Your tough as hell, one of the best ive seen. Wish you had the support to train like you want to. Can’t wait to see you on big TV like WEC or UFC!!!! Hope you fight in April! Good Luck.

    – T.G.

  • Mike

    Wow, i seen the video’s of this guy and hes the real deal. Lot of people talking about him right about now. He’s got real heavy hand and great submissions. Either way, i wouldnt want to fight him, specially not with the way that guy looked during the fight!

  • Rich and Linda

    Hey Shawn! Glad to hear you’re doing well! You should give us a call. Be safe.

  • Tim R.

    Well, i’d really like to talk to you about some things concering your future in MMA. I will be contacting you by e-mail shortly to talk you about some things. Keep up the good work!

  • cody bruce

    haha nice write up….

    couple of things tho man, im notta state wrestling champ… close but not quite….
    my undefeatedness in mma at the time we fought was 1-0 lol
    i am an independant fighter (i train myself)
    but shawn did catch me in a choke after my takedown, was a fun fight but there was no domination from either side
    goodluck with your next fight shawn hit me up il be there if i can
    sorry just gettin facts right it aggrivated me

  • Lisa D.

    Congrats Shawn! I am proud of you. Keep up the good work, don’t let anybody get you down!!! I hope to see you on t.v. one day and be able to say..I went to school with that kid!


  • Joe and Vicki M.

    We were at this fight and it was awesome! It was our first time to see a live MMA fight. Out of all the fights we saw that night we were most impressed by the fight between Shawn Carter and Cody Bruce. Cody was the home-boy favorite and had total audience’s support. With this kind of pressure it could have been un-nerving for some fighters. Howeve,r Shawn stayed cool and controled. He never seemed to lose his focus. Well, that kind of focus and training paid off because it was a great win. Shawn Carter is a wonderful representive for your company. Keep up the good work, Shawn.

  • CP

    Keep doing ur thang brah…n dnt let nothing stop u from getting where u needto go

  • Ryan E

    Those pics are pretty bad ass.. but I’m gonna be your trainer from now on.. you’ve got the fighting down pat, but i can show you how to mug for the camera while you’re landin that head kick.. say cheese motha*****!!!

  • Stormy Faye

    DAAANNNNNGGGG Shawn!!!!!! You are a great fighter and not a bad friend either =). keep up the good advise and bad ass skills!

  • Lisha

    Lol Coco get’s cocky.
    He was probably really cocky since it was his hometown.
    Jeez…He’s so thickheaded…. xD
    But I love my Coco. 😀
    Douche needs to come visit me again damn it….