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Revgear Stares Down MMA Uncaged

The Revgear Staredown Pro Vale Tudo shorts were featured on Bola “Cashflow” Omoyele in the March 2013 issue of MMA Uncaged magazine. ...

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Richy Knox As Seen In MMA Uncaged Magazine

Check out this in-depth article that features one of the UK fastest rising athletes and Revgear sponsored fighters Richy Knox. In this article, Richy shows readers how to perform key MMA techniques. What is your favorite MMA technique? ...

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Richy Knox As Seen In MMA Uncaged

Revgear fighter Rich Knox as seen in the March 2013 issue MMA Uncaged. ...

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Ronda Rousey Trains In Revgear And So Should You!

As seen on The Underground Ronda Rousey training in her Revgear rash guard for one of the biggest fights in her career UFC 157. Rousey trains in Revgear and you should too. Revgear, tested on the mat proven in the cage.         ...

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As Seen In Real Fighter Magazine – She’s the Man

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In the annals of Las Vegas night life, seeing a woman come between two altercating men is hardly anewsworthy item—unless, of course, those men happen to be professional athletes,and the woman happens to be the ring authority arbitrating, not instigating, the action. Read full story »   Photo Courtesy of MMAPhotography.com ...

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