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Richy Knox As Seen In MMA Uncaged

Apr 02, 2013No Comments442 Views

Revgear fighter Rich Knox as seen in the March 2013 issue MMA Uncaged.

What Does Rafael Cordeiro Wear Under His Gl...

Jul 12, 2012No Comments379 Views

Wearing the right boxing glove isn’t enough; you have to wrap your hands properly, and be sure to have enough protection underneath your gloves.  In

The Power Tool Every Martial Artist Needs

Dec 09, 2011No Comments343 Views

Do you find yourself stuffing your hand wraps in your gym bag as a tangled mess? When you need to wrap again are there twists

Revgear Gel Handwraps

Jun 11, 2010No Comments347 Views

Revgear Gel Wraps are designed for serious fighters who want more than ordinary hand wraps! The lightweight, form-fitting neoprene material prevents hand cramping, while the