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Demian Maia Returns to the Octagon on Septe...

Jul 16, 2010No Comments241 Views

Bad Boy fighter Demian Maia (12-2) returns to the Octagon® on a quest for another shot at the UFC middleweight crown as he takes on

Tachi Palace Grappling Challenge

Jul 14, 2010No Comments218 Views

Peter Iacavazzi and Brandon Olsen from Team Sylvio Behring USA at Tachi Palace Grappling Challenge.

Romi Frizzell from Idaho Falls, Idaho

Jul 08, 20104 Comments311 Views

Revgear sponsored fighter Romi Frizzell, 30, lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She is a wife, a mother of her 7 year old son and 14

Travis Cavalli from Central Point, Oregon

Jul 02, 20101 Comment242 Views

Revgear sponsored fighter Travis Cavalli from Central Point, Oregon, has been training in Martial Arts for the last 3.5 years. He’s been training at Samurai

Demian Maia's BJJ seminar and intervie...

Jul 01, 2010No Comments199 Views

A great article by Brian Hemminger about Demian Maia’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar in Toledo, Ohio

Demian Maia’s BJJ seminar and intervi...

Jul 01, 2010No Comments249 Views

A great article by Brian Hemminger about Demian Maia’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar in Toledo, Ohio

Grapplers Quest: April 16 Friday Night Supe...

Apr 28, 2010No Comments731 Views

Grapplers Quest, April 16th Friday Night Grappling Superfights. More photos

Revgear fighter Jeremiah Maestre

Apr 22, 2010No Comments248 Views

Jeremiah Maestre (photo: in the middle) was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to San Francisco when he was three.  He grew up in the

Aidan Claproth, Young Revgear Fighter

Apr 21, 20103 Comments354 Views

Aidan Claproth, 12, has been training in MMA since he was eight. In those four years he has come a long way. Aidan’s fighting disciplines/styles

Renan Borges in Pan JJ Championship

Apr 20, 2010No Comments222 Views

Renan Borges competed in the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship which took place April 8 – 11 at the University California Irvine and got third place in featherweight