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Sherdog's Technique of the Week –...

Oct 11, 20101 Comment234 Views

Sherdog’s Technique of the Week  presents Nam Phan from the Ultimate Fighter 12. Nam demonstrates Cage Takedown he learned from Josh Koscheck.  Watch the video>>>

Gegard Mousasi: Triangle Choke (video)

Apr 15, 2010No Comments274 Views

Gegard Mousasi shows triangle choke to Aaron Tru in this training video. Remember – there’s one more day left to take part in Revgear Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi Video – how to prevent...

Feb 26, 2010No Comments806 Views

MMA Tips, MMA Techniques, MMA training, and MMA fighting tricks by Gegard Mousasi shows us . Revgear sponsored Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi.

MMA Tip of the Month Video – Jimmy Ro...

Jun 22, 20091 Comment330 Views

Jimmy Romero of Legends MMA Center Los Angeles trains the fundamentals of the game to pros, amateur fighters and the novice. For Jimmy, all paths