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Revgear: Sponsoring Modern Day Gladiators – by Ted Czech

Originally posted by MMA Explosion on March 15, 2011 by Ted Czech. Revgear has been a force in the sport for more than a decade now, and although they got their start on the west coast, they’ve sponsored events here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere on the east coast. I had the opportunity recently to interview Revgear head honcho Paul Reavlin, so here’s what...

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Randy Couture Talks Werdum vs. Fedor

Randy Couture Gives his thoughts on Fabricio Werdum vs. Fedor ...

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M1-Global Training Facility in Chattsworth, CA

Revgear talked to Tony Kozlov, the owner of M-1 Global facility in Chatsworth, California. Revgear: Is it true your gym is touted to be the flagship M-1 Global facility and first of its kind in the US? And what inspired you to open the center? Tony: We are in fact the first M-1 Global Training Center in the U.S. Our facility has a...

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