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The Ruffo Brother’s Share An Anti-Bul...

Jul 10, 2013No Comments88 Views

Contributing Guest Blogger Aaron Tru                                        

The Ruffo Brother's Share An Anti-Bull...

Jul 10, 2013No Comments46 Views

Contributing Guest Blogger Aaron Tru                                        

Revgear at UFC Fan Expo 2010 (photos)

Jun 02, 2010No Comments53 Views

Paul Reavlin and Kru Sam Phimsoutham Carlos and Gio Ruffo Rob McMullin and Fabricio Werdum

Ruffo Brothers invited by the crown prince ...

Apr 26, 2010No Comments107 Views

The Ruffo Brothers were invited by the crown prince of Dubai to fly out and meet him and tour the elementary schools where they have

Future of MMA? Ruffo Brothers video

Feb 17, 2010No Comments55 Views

Now filmmaker Bobby Razak, who has done several short pieces related to mixed martial arts, turns his lens on the Ruffo boys for a promo.

Team Revgear: Ruffo Brothers

Feb 05, 2010No Comments43 Views

Carlos Ruffo is 9 years old and Giovanni is 8. Carlos and Giovanni began training in JKD when they were only 18 months old. At

Ruffo Brothers: Wrestling Season Began

Dec 14, 20091 Comment64 Views

Update from Ruffo Brothers: Wrestling season has officially begun! On December 5, 2009, Carlos and Giovanni both placed first in their divisions at the Vegas

Ruffo Brothers: Getting Ready for the Wrest...

Nov 23, 20091 Comment34 Views

Carlos, Gio and Royce Ruffo have been working really hard recently,  getting ready for the upcoming wrestling season. Xtreme Couture just began their youth wrestling

Sneak Pick of 2009 World MMA Award Show

Nov 17, 2009No Comments34 Views

On October 27, 2009 Carlos, Giovanni, and Royce Ruffo were asked to be a part of the 2009 World MMA Award show put on by

See Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo At the Orange...

Oct 16, 2009No Comments48 Views

Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo will be doing demos at the Orange County Auto Show today (October 16, 2009, 4-6 p.m.) and tomorrow (October 17, 2009,