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The Seven Second Man: Stephen Upchurch

Apr 10, 20123 Comments219 Views

Revgear Ambassador Stephen “The Advantage” Upchurch wins the BFN 145 lbs Pro MMA title with K.O. Upchurch, who has recently moved from the 155 pound

Upchurch Submits Opponent in First Round

Oct 31, 2011No Comments229 Views

Stephen Upchurch defeated his opponent in 3:20 of the first round at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 40 via guillotine choke.

Upchurch Takes Gold At Copa America

Jun 22, 20111 Comment165 Views

Revgear would like to congratulate one of its fiercest ambassadors, Stephen Upchurch. Upchurch just won Gold in the Blue Belt divisionĀ  at the Copa America