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Ultimate MMA Magazine Features Revgear Warriors

The April 2013 issue of Ultimate MMA published an in depth interview with owner and president of Revgear Paul Reavlin, UFC fighter Ed “Short Fuse” Herman and highlights the Revgear Samurai Series MMA Gear. Check out the three page spread!                                   ...

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What types of hand wraps are available?

There are many types of hand wraps available now. Hand wraps can be broken down by size, style, and function (disposable or reusable). Hand wrap size: The most common sizes you will see are 120″ and 180″. When you have smaller hand wraps you should consider buying shorter wraps. If your hand wraps are too long they will be cumbersome and you will have to make extra...

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Revgear Gel Handwraps

Revgear Gel Wraps are designed for serious fighters who want more than ordinary hand wraps! The lightweight, form-fitting neoprene material prevents hand cramping, while the interior gel padding provides exceptional impact absorption. Learn more about our Gel Handwraps and other MMA Gear >>> ...

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