Revgear sponsored fighters from Team C.O.M.A. Martial Arts Academy


Check out Revgear sponsored fighters Cassandra, Brandon and Andrew of Team C.O.M.A. Martial Arts Academy. A special congratulations to Andrew who completed his 1st tournament at the 2008 North Carolina Muay Thai Tournament and took home 2nd place trophie!


Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear has proudly earned the distinguished acclaim ‘Pro Gear for Pro Fighters’ and continues to be the leading innovator and manufacturer of Martial Arts equipment including training gear, fight gear and fight apparel. The Revgear winning formula of supreme construction and cutting edge technology allows them to succeed in their strives to meet the training needs of athletes and competitors all over the world with durable equipment that can withstand the most demanding bouts. Revgear’s innovation creates products that are devoted to specifically meeting and exceeding the needs of those training in Martial Arts, MMA, Boxing, Self-Defense or Fitness Training.

  • Andrew

    WOW! This page is great! Thanks for all your support REVGEAR!!!!

  • revgearmma

    We are excited to share your tournament videos. Please feel free to invite friends and other members of Team COMA to contribute to our blog. We welcome your comments about our gear both on our blog and product reviews on our site at Good luck! Paul.

  • Alena

    OMG this is awesome, im so proud of our team….GO TEAM COMA!!!!

    • tina

      how is it going alena and cassie???? its your girl tina i really miss yall and i know justin does too i hope that he starts training again but i lovee youu guys i got to go because i am at school and i dont want to get in trouble…

  • Alena


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  • tina

    thats good sensei jason……i cant wait til my brother starts training with you guys again because i know he had to have a lot of fun training……you guys did a wonderful job at the tournament…………..we love you and god bless youuu..