The Kutting Weight Suit – Cutting Weight in a Healthy Way – Part 2 of 3

The Kutting Weight Suit – Part 2 of 3 (Read part 1)

Now that you know a little more about what to consume, it is important to know how to apply this knowledge. It is important not to consume carbohydrates 4 hours before you go to bed and not to consume any food 3 hours before bedtime. Your body needs time to digest and assimilate food and eating before bed interrupts this process. Allowing your body the time at night to digest the food you have consumed during the day will aid the digestion process, which will eliminate the food rather than store it as fat. The earlier you eat the better, which is why it is encouraged to have a larger breakfast than larger dinner. A nutritional breakfast can be a simple smoothie, consisting of fruits, vegetables, protein powder, milk/juice/or water and even your own supplements. Now that you have some knowledge on the appropriate nutritional intake, you are half way there to cutting weight healthily.

Along with the appropriate nutritional intake, it is equally important to have knowledge of a proper exercise (weight cutting) regime to cut weight healthily. You should be within 5 to 10 lbs of your ideal body weight goal, within in a 24 hour time period. Beginners are able to lose up to 5% of their body weight in water weight and those with experience are able to lose up to 10% of their body weight in water. It is important to remember to eat during the weight cutting process, in order to keep your blood sugar levels normal and to have energy while you exercise. During the process of cutting weight, most people use PVC plastics also known as sauna suits to lose water weight. The problems with these materials are they are big and bulky, tend to rip, and do not allow much flexibility. The Kutting Weight suit solves the answers to these problems. GET YOUR  KUTTING WEIGHT SUIT TODAY! 

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