TUF 18 Contestant Cody Bollinger Talks About Being Cut From TUF and What is Next

October 31, 2013

IMG_2506It is not every day that one finds himself living a dream that turns into a nightmare.  I knew heading into the show that this was going to be the hardest weight cut of my career.  As Miesha said it would have been pathetic to not try, and giving it my asll is exactly what I did, I went for it, risked it all and that decision ended one dream.

First of all I would like to publicly apologize to the fighters who dreamed of being in my spot and could have made weight, I realize I was standing in your shoes, occupying your dream and I apologize.  To the coaches, producers, Zuffa and everyone involved with TUF 18 I am sorry.  I realize you all have so much riding on this show and opportunity and I can’t apologize enough for my mistakes.

I missed weight and have zero excuses about it, I didn’t adjust well enough to the situation I was put in and paid for that tremendously.  A small piece of advice to those chasing your Ultimate Fighter dream, prepare your mind and body, the show is not a joke.  You have 8-9 weeks and you will have to make a lot of weight cuts.  If you are doing a show at 135 make sure you come in around 135.

I knew from the beginning it was going to be an extremely hard weight cut both mentally and physically and it would push me to my limits but I would like everyone to put yourself in my shoes. If you had what was the chance of a lifetime in your MMA career and the opportunity to be a cast member on The Ultimate Fighter, wouldn’t you take a shot for your dream even if you knew there was a chance you’d have weight problems? I took a chance, paid for the mistake and in the end I would do it over again but with some major changes.

I have no hard feelings about the things said about me, I would have said stuff too had it not been my dream ending.  I understand where they were coming from.  All I can do is live and learn.  When Dana White told me to walk out those doors with the cameras rolling, that was as real as it gets. My run on The Ultimate Fighter 18 had come to an end and my MMA career seemed to have hit a speed bump.

BX30CNHCMAAa-0EIt was not long before I realized that when one dream ends, you make the shift to chase a new one.  I just signed a multi-fight contract with World Series of Fighting.  I will be making my WSoF debut in January when the WSoF heads to Texas. I have a lot to learn and a lot to make up for, I am only 22 and I hope the WSoF gives my career the springboard it needs.

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  • Jay Pagliaro

    And exactly what do you do for a living Josh James? How often have you had to cut weight? Or fought on a professional level, and fighting to pull your head out of your ass doesn’t count.

  • SamuraiJack

    Your 22 years old and 22 year olds make mistakes. Go live your life and put this behind you.

  • Liz

    You know I really could have cried too for Cody. It was a nightmare and he came up to the mark apologised and stuff but it was his very own dream that was gone. You have got to know that it was NOT his intention to end it that way. One more dream to chase now Cody. I wish you the very best. Well done for holding your head high. It must have been one really tough thing to hold that information knowing what was coming. Hats off to you and to your family. big hugs for you too Cody xx

  • smash Fields

    Josh James youre a fucking moron and a childish prick. Cody wasnt arrogant didnt blame anyone. He took rsoonsibility like a fucking man and you want to bash him? Its stupid fucks like you Josh that maje this fucking world a disgrace…. Somebody owns up to theirshit and you want to kick them while their down. Makes me sick to my god damn stomach and makes you look like the real fucking pussy. Cody fights at 155 and 145 if you understand anything about our sport you would ubderstand how hard a cut to a weight you arent use to can be. But you clearly dont understand our sport. Ill gladly school you on it. Dont know who I am? Well inbetween you surfing for internet porn and watching Youtube videos of Monkeys throwing shit. Why dont you head over to a search engine and Google Me muther fucker and if you still want to keep talking after youll know how to find me and Ill gladly shut your internet gangster mouth for you. Cody keep doing what you do bro. 6 figures with WSoF is 6 figures more than this piece of shit Josh James will ever make. P.s. Josh James? Theres nothing that spells douchebag Hill Billy like having two first names.

  • Tony

    Josh James: Lemme do a little math for ya: Cody just got a 6 figure pro fighting contract with WSoF. That’s a 1 followed by 5 zeros. What exactly do YOU have to show? He beat out a SHIT ton of people to even MAKE it on that show and I’ll bet you he’d invite your sorry ass into the cage to go 3 5 minute rounds anytime your sorry ass would like to give it a go. I call it for Cody in less than 1 minute into the 1st round when he chokes your sorry ass unconscious by rear naked choke. I bet your a friggin champ with the remote control though loser!

  • Jay Pagliaro

    Josh James is a bitch. As I said above, this clown’s never broke a workout induced sweat in his life and is nothing more than a keyboard pounding dumbass who takes up residency in his mom’s basement.

    Cody is a good man and a responsible one. He owned up to everything that went wrong, didn’t make up bullshit excuses and apologized for his part. Anyone that feels the need to kick the man for this needs to look in the mirror and grow the fuck up.

  • Tony

    I see the bitch Josh James pulled his comment and ran away with his tail between his legs. Probably looked up Smash Fields and had piss running down his leg after watching a few of his vids…Thanks for sticking up for my man Cody Smash! I’ve seen some of your handiwork and I’m a big fan!

  • BC

    It’s too bad the UFC wasn’t willing to give Cody a shot at 145 pounds after the season’s conclusion. You have guys like John Lineker and Thiago Alves on the roster who have missed weight multiple times; guys like Chris Leben, Alistair Overeem, Chael Sonnen, and Vitor Belfort who have all been suspended for PED use. But somehow a 22-year old whose heart was broken on national television, failed to make weight in a completely foreign setting, and has owned up to his mistakes should be shunned?

    • Anthem

      Hey BC. I couldn’t agree with your post more. Well said and true. Thanks for posting and I wanted to extend my support to you about Cody. Good stuff man.