UFC’s Acquisition of Strikeforce: Developing MMA Into A Global Force

March 15, 2011

As UFC’s Dana White says in his interviews, whatever UFC is doing, it is ultimately for the fans. Because this is what the fans want, right? More talented fighters and more fights.

Will the MMA fans benefit from the recent UFC’s acquisition of Strikeforce?

According to UFC, Strikeforce will continue to operate on its own, as a separate entity from the UFC. Though the UFC might bring their expertise to how the shows are run backstage, Strikeforce will continue to run business as usual.

“We have worked hard to make mixed martial arts the fastest growing sport in the world,” White stated. “We’ve spent countless hours getting this sport regulated and taking the octagon all over the world. Acquiring the Strikeforce assets allows us to continue to develop this sport into a global force.”

Strikeforce has events scheduled for April and June, and has almost three years remaining on its TV deal with Showtime.

“We look forward to working with Scott Coker and the entire Strikeforce and Showtime teams to continue to provide quality content for mixed-martial-arts fans,” – UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said.

But there is one big difference that Strikeforce fans will notice immediately: the use of elbows on the ground. Strikeforce currently forbids this technique. UFC co-owner and executive Lorenzo Fertitta said the Strikeforce fighters now will compete under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, which allow the elbows.

And how this UFC/ Strikeforce deal will affect the fighters? Time will show… And what do you think?

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