Want To Win Signed Gear At The UFC Fan Expo?

April 27, 2011
Revgear UFC 129 Twitter Contest

Want To Win Signed Gear At

The UFC Fan Expo?

One Day Only – Saturday April 30


1. There are colored hand wraps hidden in secret locations near the UFC 129 Fan Expo.

2. All clues to secret locations will be sent today (Friday 4/29), from @Revgear or on our Facebook page. Follow and search our pages to get the clues.

3. Be one of the first 2 people to bring 1 of each color hand wrap (1 pink, 1 blue and 1 black) to the Revgear booth 1901 at the UFC 129 Fan Expo at the Direct Energy Center between 10am – 3:30pm EST on April 30th to win autographed MMA gear.

To win: You must present all 3 color hand wraps (1 pink, 1 blue and 1 black) at booth 1901 at the UFC 129 Fan Expo between 10am – 3:30pm EST to collect the prize and be photographed as the winner. The photo will be posted on our facebook and twitter accounts, and winners will be asked to post them to their own Twitter or FB page as well. All clues for the locations will be released Friday (4/29) on either our twitter account, @Revgear or our Facebook page. The clues will not be posted anywhere else, nor will we provide any hints once the clues have been posted. Hand wraps can only be found on game day, Saturday 4/30/11.

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