Win A “Rampage” Jackson UFC 130 Walkout Tee

Revgear is hosting a contest on its social media outlets.  The winner will get the hot new “Rampage” Jackson UFC 130 Walkout Tee.

There are 3 ways to enter, you can pick one or do all three, but each type counts for only 1 entry no matter how many times you do them.

  1. Leave us a comment on this blog post about which matchup you’re most excited about for UFC 130 and why.
  2. Follow us on twitter AND tweet the link to the shirt telling us why you want the t-shirt (tweet MUST include @Revgear and this link: – ex: I want the Rampage Jackson walkout tee from @Revgear because he is an amazing fighter!
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The winner will be picked at random (using from all entries.

Contest opens: 9am PST 5/26/11

Contest closes: 4pm PST 5/27/11

Winner picked: 5pm PST 5/27/11

Winner announced through twitter & facebook: 5:30pm 5/27/11 & announced on the blog 6/1/11

Good luck to everyone!

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  • Shinster

    I excited about the Mir vs Nelson fight. Mir has great stand up and better jijitsu. I wanna see how he matches up with Nelsons standup. I’ve always liked Mir since his younger days. He’s a big threat in the heavyweight division still.

  • T Webb

    I’m most excited to see rampage vs hamill because once rampages wins I’m looking forward to him fighting bones jones for the belt 🙂

  • TWayne0908

    The fight I am most excited about is the Rampage vs Hamill fight because Rampage has always been my favorite fighter and I cant wait for him to get another highlight reel K.O on his way to get his belt back.

  • Johan G

    I’m pumped up for the Story vs Alves fight. Story has looked like a beast so far in the UFC, and facing a dangerous guy like Alves will show if he’s ready for the top names in the division. ALSO: the fight has all the ingrediants to be an all out war! Big blows will be landing, both guys will be bleeding and the one who wants it the most and has the biggest heart will get his hand raised, awesome!

  • Pgil

    I am most interested and buying the UFC130 PPV for one reason…


    Wanna see the man back in the title picture. Could definitely give Johnny Bones a good go!!


  • Clint Rutter

    Most looking forward to Mir vs Nelson! Gonna be a great fight standing or on the ground. I think will win either way. Rampage vs Hamill should be good to.

  • Can’t wait to see Rampage versus Hamill! I am looking to see a lot of big punches thrown!

  • klop325

    Rampage vs. Hamill

    There are no world champions or #1 ranked contender in this matchup but neither of these fighters pulls any punches and this should be a lead contender for the Fight of the Night.

  • Li

    Rampage vs. Hamill. I want to see if Rampage can get back to his old-self and dominate

  • MC

    I’m really looking forward to the Rampage vs. Hamill fight as well as the Story vs Alves fight. I want to see the old Rampage come out and dominate with some slams. Story and Alves looks like its going to be a fight of the night or KO of the night.

  • ryan

    Rampage vs. Hamill.

    Love Hamill’s story, love watching Rampage fight. the fans are the winners in this one.

  • Jerry Butler

    I am excited to see Rampage mess up the face of Matt Hamill. Leave Quinton at home and bring out the RAMPAGE!!!!!

  • Cassie

    I am excited to see rampage destroy Hamil, hes the man on and out of the octagon. Warrrrr!!!!

  • Anthony Armstrong

    I am must looking 4ward 2 seeing Miguel Angel Torres fight again… The Mullet will be in full effect and be wooppin up on Demetrious Johnson! Long Live MMA, MMAElite & Revgear