Women in MMA: Why Does She Want To Mess That Face Up?

We continue our series of articles about Women in Martial Arts by Katalin Rodriguez Ogren. Read Part 1 here>>>

Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren is the owner of POW! Mixed Martial Arts & Chicago Krav Maga. More about Katalin>>>

The birth of women in mixed martial arts in many ways came from the increased opportunity for women to just simply play.  Mainstream sports like basketball, soccer, track and field and hockey initiated women’s interest level in sports and cultivated their aspirations to take on the combative and martial sports.The number of women expanding their ambition to do more than just punch and kick the pads, has increased the number of women’s bouts on smaller fight cards each month.

Roxy Balboa Richardson


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  • Women’s MMA is definitely up and coming. I think the Tate-Rousey fight and the movie Haywire has gotten women’s MMA a lot of mainstream exposure that will draw in more crowds. It can only get bigger. Speaking of the title, some times I wonder why these pretty girls would want to risk their faces. A lot of them are pretty enough to be models.