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4 Reasons You Should Buy a REVGEAR BJJ Gi!

4 Reasons You Should Buy a REVGEAR BJJ Gi!


4 Reasons why you should buy a REVGEAR BJJ Gi!

Whether you are choosing your first BJJ Gi or adding to your Jiu Jitsu wardrobe , with so many choices available on the market today we thought it might be fun to write up some reasons on why you should pick a REVGEAR gi over one of the many others available.

Before we start though, let’s look over the REVGEAR BJJ Gi range and explain what each Gi is designed for.

Arroyo – (Starter or backup Gi!)

Named after the beautiful rugged beach in Santa Barbara, Arroyo is a lightweight gi with 10oz, 100% cotton pants.

Like all the Revgear Gi range it has a medium to generous fit with room for athletic shoulders and comfortable sleeve length.

The Jacket is a 350GSM pearl weave with a lapel worthy of a Gi twice it’s price.

We recommend Arroyo as a starter gi mainly due to its price but in terms of usability it will stand up to many far more expensive examples on the market.

The style is plain with the Revgear BJJ Emblem patch and “Arroyo” shoulder patches. Available in Black, Blue and traditional white.
Another important note is this gi is IBJJF Compliant.

Huntington – (Club or Standard Gi)

A nice super strong comfortable gi, designed for everyday training. The jacket is 450 GSM pearl Weave and the pants 10 oz Ripstop. The Gi is the plainest of the range to allow for Club logos and patches to be added. Simple, stylish and ready to roll!

The Huntington is available in 3 colors with plans for new releases including black.
Currently available in White, Blue and Navy.


El Matador – (Competition)

The El Matador Gi is a super light BJJ Gi that is designed specifically for the competition arena.
This Gi combines of a 250GSM jacket and 8oz Ripstop pants. IBJJF compliant and a very comfortable gi to go into battle with. The weight of this gi is a competitive advantage for those looking to edge into a lower weight category. The lapel is obviously important on competition gi’s so El Matador loses none of its comfortable mid size lapel despite its super light weight. A gi loved by top BJJ competitors such as Angel Lopez and Joy Pendell.

Available in Blue and White.

Venice – (Top of the range + Competition)

For those who want something a little special then the Venice gi is it! Contrast reinforcements, inner prints, and those little style touches throughout which have made this gia favorite for BJJ pro’s all over the world such as Robson Gracie, Pete Shoemaker, Liam Cann and many more.

The Material of the jacket is a special “Hi Tech” weave that is incredibly strong but also very lightweight. It is technically 450GSM but feels lighter when on. The shrink down on the fit draws the gi in perfectly and has been a favorite for both coaches, students and competitors alike.

What’s more, The Venice gi has its own branding and special editions to look out for such as the Subhunter which will be released late 2023.


So why should you choose a REVGEAR BJJ Gi?

    1. Buy from a brand who knows the sport – Especially when looking at your first Gi there can be an overwhelming level of choice. There are so many options but many offered online are poorly designed chinese gi’s where the brand themselves have no link to the sport at all, nor have they had the benefit of working with the world’s best athletes for many years. REVGEAR have worked extensively with names such as Fabricio Werdum, Renalto Sobral, Ceser Gracie, Robson Gracie, Angel Lopez, Joy Pendell, Matt Edgington and many more. We battle test everything and adjust based on hundreds of mat hours before we ever go to market. Buy REVGEAR knowing you are buying something approved by experts in the sport!
    2. Affordable JIU JITSU Quality – There are some great gi’s out there which are running at $150-$250 (£120 – £200) that whilst good quality are not great value. All Revgear’s BJJ gi’s are realistically priced for what is at the end of the day a cotton suit (or at least is when you buy a good one!) Our $100 Gi’s are equal in quality to many over double the price who are adding a premium to their gi based often on big name endorsements advertising their product, not based on any tangible benefit of the gi itself.

    3. REVGEAR make Seriously Comfortable BJJ Gi’s! – Whilst in development for over two years, Revgear spent months testing the fit to come out with a cut of Jacket and pants which universally was seen as a comfortable gi. It doesn’t matter which one you chose, every one of them is a great fit.
      Top level competitors, coaches and BJJ legends have all commented on the fit of the Revgear Gi being one of the best they ever tried. What’s better is that it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting or standing on podium gold in the Worlds, the fit is the same.
    4. REVGEAR don’t compromise on quality…..EVER! – Many manufacturers keep their costs lower by using cheaper materials, single weaves and sometimes polyester mixes which, whilst claimed to have better “moisture wicking properties” reality is they are just a cheaper material which is easier to achieve a bottom line on when produced in China. Any BJJ player who has spent more than a week on the mats knows that keeping a gi dry whilst training hard in even low temperatures will result in a sweaty gi, no amount of “moisture wicking” will do help. What will help is an organic material which breathes!
      The complete Revgear range in terms of Jackets are made of high quality 100% cotton jackets no matter what the price.

If you want to read more about choosing the right gi then take a look at this excellent article written by our friends in the UK – “What You Must know before buying a BJJ Gi” including a vlog!

Where to find REVGEAR Gi’s

You can find Revgear gi’s across NORTH AMERICA sold at hundreds of gyms as well as of course here at https://revgear.com/discipline/jiu-jitsu/

In the United Kingdom you can pick up a Revgear BJJ GI at www.fightstorepro.com

In Europe you can find REVGEAR Gi’s (inlcuding the UK) at www.revgeareurope.co.uk


Alex Wright Alex Wright is well known in the United Kingdom from his extensive work in the Mixed Martial Arts Industry for over a decade. He's been involved as a coach, fighter and industry mogul since around 2000 and now heads up the European division for REVGEAR Sports.