The Dodge Challenger, Charger and the Ford Mustang are three American Muscle cars etched into the consciousness of people the world over because their appearance in Hollywood films such as the Mustang in the Bond Movie Goldfinger in 1964 and Steve McQueen’s Bullitt in 1968 featuring a Mustang and Dodge Charger. The muscle car is an American Icon which sits alongside so many other familiar sights usually courtesy of Hollywood.

It might be one of those things where you can’t see the woods for the trees but for people in England and Europe American culture is still cool….Hollywood is still a dominant force in the worlds psyche and once you’ve mixed a bit of retro cool from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s well now you’re really rocking.

So why is REVGEAR sport the first American Fight Brand to truly go out and mention that fact its well……American?

To be fair its not quite the first. During the early rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship a trio of strangely dressed entrepreneurs founded a company in 1997 after spending time selling MMA related merchandise from the back of their…you guessed it Ford Mustang. The company became the largest seller of such apparel and if you hadn’t already worked it out they were called TAPOUT.

Tapout was the first of many brands that almost created the MMA Brand subculture and whilst stating they were brash, American and Inyaface it wasn’t really true American iconic more a mix of heavy metal subculture mixed with the mood of the UFC at that time.

There are really great brands all over the sports world doing just that American Iconic though; Abercrombe & Fitch capture the American College feel, Converse have retro cool basketball at their heart, Surf brands such as O’Neill, Volcom and Quiksilver evoke that California surf style and even American Boxing brand Everlast still makes you think of the hay day of Ali or Sugar Ray no matter what they actually were using at the time.

In 2016 REVGEAR launched California series and truly celebrated their SoCal roots and are one of the few brands still actually producing some products on home soil. In 2017 the Southern California brand launches a new line of BJJ Gear sporting the Cali Bear whilst the Original series definitely has that American Iconic going on…

No matter who is in the White House there will always be a soft spot in many European especially English peoples hearts for American Style and REVGEAR seem perfect to be wearing that hat as the all American Combat Sports brand.