Arm in Guillotine Variation from 10th Planet

This arm in guillotine variation is the second in our series of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu techniques with Scott “Einstein” Epstein.

Join Einstein and learn this arm in guillotine variation. Part of our Videos from the Vault collection, this is number 2 in our 13 part 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu techniques series with Scott Epstein.

Scott is the only third degree blackbelt in the 10th planet Jiu Jitsu system under founder Eddie Bravo. The ever-evolving jiu jitsu system was developed by Eddie Bravo as a no gi style for MMA. Scott founded 10th Planet West Los Angeles, one of the highest level locations in the 10th Planet network. He has been grappling for 19 years with a brief professional MMA career in which he won all three of his fights by way of submission. Einstein has had an incredible grappling career, with multiple wins at high level tournaments. He was also Chuck Liddell’s Jiu Jitsu and strength coach, as well as Jiu Jitsu coach for team Liddell on Ultimate fighter season 11.

The arm in guillotine technique starts from catching your opponent in a guillotine, but their arm gets in the way of a full choke. This often happens when your opponent shoots in for a takedown and you half catch the guillotine. Novices will be tempted here to just wrench up and squeeze, trying to force a choke that isn’t there because of the arm, back and chest blocking the way. You corkscrew the choke arm so that the back of your hand is facing you and catch it with your other hand in a reverse gable grip. The choke hand will now be sitting in the well of your opponent’s throat. Jump or sit into guard, then hip out, keeping the foot on the hip and the other on your opponent’s back. All that you need to do from here is turn the choke arm elbow towards your belly, forcing your opponent’s head down and into the choke.

Tom Billinge Tom is the Editor of Revgear Sports and the founder of WarYoga. He is a 10th Planet purple belt and a Muay Thai Kru having spent over two decades in the sport in Thailand and around the world. Tom has trained Lethwei in Myanmar, Kushti wrestling in India, Zurkhaneh sports in Iran, boxing throughout Europe, and catch wrestling in the USA. Tom also resurrected the ancient techniques of traditional British bareknuckle pugilism from archaic manuals.