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We Tested The Best Mushroom Nootropics In 2024

We Tested The Best Mushroom Nootropics In 2024


Nootropic mushroom supplements are an effective natural brain enhancer. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and are beginning to gain popularity due to their brain-boosting benefits.

The only issue is, with so many nootropic mushroom supplements on the market, how do you know which to use?

Mushroom SupplementPricePrice per Serving
Nootrum Mushrooms$49.99 – $174.99$0.97 – $1.67
MushGooms Gummies$29.00$0.97
Hunter Focus$90 – $270$2.25 – $3.00
OM Master Blend$16.99 – $42.99$0.46 – $.0.71
Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex$33.74 – $112.49$0.94 – $1.5
Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane$31.39 – $62.99$0.42 – $0.52

Best Mushroom Nootropic

Nootrum Mushrooms

Is Nootrum Mushrooms Legit


  • Contains nothing but the highest quality, clinically proven medicinal mushrooms.
  • Includes no artificial ingredients.
  • Each 20:1 mushroom extract is proven to support cognitive health.
  • Very reasonably priced.


  • Can only be bought direct from the official Nootrum website.
Mushroom Supplement1 Bottle2 Bottles3 Bottles6 Bottles
Nootrum Mushrooms$49.99 ($1.67 per serving)$87.99 ($1.47 per serving)$104.99 ($1.17 per serving)$174.00 ($0.97 per serving)

Best Nootropic Mushroom Supplement

Nootrum Mushrooms

A powerful mushroom blend for cognitive and health benefits and a potent 20:1 extract.

Nootrum Mushrooms

Nootrum Mushrooms is a powerful nootropic mushroom supplement made using optimal doses of high quality, 20:1 extracts of the ten most potent and beneficial functional mushrooms known to man. Not only that, but it manages to do this at a reasonable price.

The 10 functional mushroom species are the:

  • Cordyceps mushroom
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Lion’s mane mushroom
  • Maitake mushroom
  • Turkey tail mushroom
  • Chaga mushroom
  • Royal sun agaricus mushroom
  • White button mushroom
  • Black fungus extract

This carefully designed formula supports overall brain health and function. It promotes improved memory, mental clarity, and focus and helps boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety, brain fog, cognitive decline, headaches, and many other mental health conditions.

It can then even offer health benefits that are not linked to the brain, such as helping support immune function, boosting energy levels and gut health, preventing or treating fatigue and high blood sugar levels, and reducing inflammation and fatigue.

You can read my full Nootrum Mushrooms review here.

Best Gummy Mushroom Nootropic

MushGooms Gummies


  • Contains the ten most beneficial medicinal mushrooms.
  • Perfect for people who can’t or don’t want to swallow pills or capsules.
  • Completely natural, vegan friendly and GMO free.
  • Very reasonably priced.


  • As one of the newer mushroom supplements, previous customer reviews are rare.
  • Has to be purchased directly from the official MushGooms website.
  • A proprietary blend hides the exact dose of each mushroom extract.
Mushroom Supplement1 Bottle
MushGooms Gummies$29.00 ($0.97 per serving)

Best Mushroom Gummies

MushGooms Gummies

A budget-friendly gummy mushroom blend for cognitive and health benefits.

MushGooms Mushroom Gummies

MushGooms Gummies use the same formula as Nootrum, so it again has cordyceps mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, turkey tail mushrooms, chaga mushrooms, royal sun agaricus mushrooms, white button mushrooms, and black fungus extract.

However, there are a couple of differences between the two mushroom supplements. Most notable is that instead of capsules, MushGooms have been turned into great-tasting, vegan-friendly, GMO-free raspberry-flavored gummies.

This makes them an excellent way for people who have issues swallowing pills to enjoy the immune system and cognitive enhancement that nootropic mushrooms are known for. Including many other benefits like the ability to combat oxidative stress or improve nerve growth factors and your overall well-being.

The only drawback is that MushGooms Gummies contain 10:1 extracts of each mushroom in their formula instead of 20:1 extracts. This means they will only be half as potent as Nootrum Mushrooms, so they are not the best option if you are happy to spend a little more and swallow capsules.

Best Mushroom Nootropic For Mental Focus

Hunter Focus

Is Hunter Focus Worth It


  • Contains many high quality, optimally dosed, natural ingredients proven to boost brain function.
  • Can enhance your overall health and well being in many different ways.
  • Highly regarded by both consumers and critics.


  • Very expensive.
  • Has to be bought direct from the official Hunter Focus or Hunter Evolve websites.
  • Only contains a single species of mushroom.
Mushroom Supplement1 Bottle2 Bottles4 Bottles
Hunter Focus$90.00 ($3.00 per serving)$180.00 ($3.00 per serving)$270.00 ($2.25 per serving)

Best Mushroom Nootropic For Mental Focus

Hunter Focus

A comprehensive mushroom nootropic supplement with a blend.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus differs to the other mushroom nootropics we have seen, as it contains only one nootropic mushroom, which is lion’s mane. However, not only is this one of the very best medicinal mushrooms of any kind, but it is paired with of 19 other high quality, natural, clinically proven beneficial compounds.

These include acetyl l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, bacopa monnieri, ashwagandha root, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, Spanish sage, citicoline, caffeine anhydrous, maritime pine bark extract, phosphatidylserine, and rhodiola rosea extract.

As the name suggests, it is made to enhance focus. However, it also boosts brain health and cognitive performance.

You can read my full Hunter Focus review here.

Best Mushroom Powder

OM Master Blend


  • Only contains organic mushrooms
  • Perfect for people who don’t want to use capsules, pills or gummies
  • Contains a number of proven nootropic mushrooms
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Not all of the mushrooms are proven to work or present in sufficient dosages
  • Some people have complained about both the taste and the texture of the product

Best Mushroom Powder

OM Master Blend

Mushroom nootropic in a powder form for easy mixing in your favorite beverage.

OM Master Blend
Mushroom Supplement28 Servings40 Servings80 ServingsSubscription
OM Master Blend$19.99 ($0.71 per serving)$26.99 ($0.67 per serving)$42.99 ($0.54 per serving)$16.99 – $36.54 ($0.46 – $0.61 per serving)

OM Master Blend is an organic, gluten-free, keto, kosher, paleo, and vegan-friendly supplement that comes in powder form.

This makes it an ideal option for people who have issues taking capsules and feel that gummies are not for them.

Its formula contains lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, king trumpet mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, maitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom, shiitake mushroom, aniridia mushroom, matsutake mushroom, and ashwagandha root extract.

These 10 nootropic mushrooms, combined with another potent nootropic in ashwagandha, enable it to enhance mental clarity, memory, focus, and cognitive function and health. It can also provide stress relief and immune support.

It is not without its faults, though. Some of the mushrooms in its formula need to be studied far more extensively to determine just how much they can boost cognitive function and health.

While others have been included in lower doses with the taste and texture being chalky and unpleasant.

Most Diverse Mushroom Nootropic

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex


  • Sold in three different forms and on a subscription service.
  • Contains five mushrooms that are proven to provide brain and immune system support.
  • Good discounts are available if you buy on a subscription, especially in large quantities.


  • The exact dosages and effects of each mushroom have been masked by a proprietary blend.
  • Does not use as many species of functional mushrooms as the very top mushroom supplements.
Mushroom Supplement1 Bottle2 Bottles4 BottlesSubscription
Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex$44.99 ($1.50 per serving)$84.99 ($1.42 per serving)$149.99 ($1.25 per serving)$33.74 – $112.49 ($1.13 – $0.94 per serving)

Best Diverse Mushrooms

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex

The most diverse mushroom complex formulated in it’s proprietary blend.

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex

Elm & Rye Mushroom Complex is a mushroom supplement made from 5 different nootropic mushrooms. It is available in capsules, gummies, and a coffee creamer and on a subscription service that offers good discounts.

This means there is an option available to suit almost every person.

Its formula includes lion’s mane mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, cordyceps mushrooms, and chaga mushrooms, all of which have been shown to offer numerous therapeutic benefits for the brain and body.

Its cognitive benefits include boosting your brain health and functions and helping improve mental clarity.

For the rest of the body, it can improve immune function, nerve growth factor, and blood sugar levels and offer antioxidant properties that aid inflammation and stress reduction.

Unfortunately, as every mushroom extract has been put in one proprietary blend, there is no way to know exactly what dose is present or the potential health benefits it will offer.

This is despite the fact that it is one of the pricier mushroom supplements, even when bought on a subscription.

Best Lion’s Mane Supplement

Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane

Best Lions Mane Supplement


  • Contains a potent dose of pure lion’s mane extract.
  • Vegan friendly and GMO, grain, heavy metal and gluten-free.
  • Very reasonably priced.


  • Only using one ingredient limits the range of benefits it can offer.
Mushroom Supplement120 Capsules300 Capsules
Hunter Focus$31.39 ($0.52 per serving)$62.99 ($0.42 per serving)

Best Lion’s Mane Supplement

Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane

Pure lion’s mane to take advantage of the most powerful mushroom nootropic.

Real Mushrooms Lions Mane

Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane Capsules is unlike any of the other mushroom nootropics we have examined, as it contains just one ingredient: the lion’s mane mushroom.

However, as it contains a very potent dose of lion’s mane, which is the most proven and effective mushroom, it can still be very beneficial.

An organic, vegan-friendly, gluten-free GMO, grain filler, and heavy metal-free mushroom supplement made in NSF and cGMP-certified facilities and third-party tested, it is a mushroom supplement that can be used by virtually everyone.

It can enhance cognition and brain health in countless different ways while also offering benefits like improved mood, blood flow and gut health, immune and nervous system health and functions, and reduced inflammation levels.

There is one clear issue with this supplement, though. Its lack of multiple beneficial compounds means that its range of benefits is far more limited than with more diverse supplements.

Mushroom Supplements To Avoid

Stonehenge Health Dynamic Mushrooms

Stonehenge Health Dynamic Mushrooms is a very popular mushroom supplement that is GMO free, vegetarian friendly, and contains the extracts of five nootropic mushrooms that have all been shown to enhance cognitive function.

However, just because a product is popular does not mean it is worth your hard earned money.

Most of the mushrooms are underdosed with a small selection. This means that it is not going to produce impressive results or offer great value, and is instead a product that has risen to fame due to its marketing, rather than what it can potentially provide.

Clean Nutraceuticals Mushroom Supplement

Clean Nutraceuticals Mushroom Supplement is another popular product, which can be attributed to its low-price tag. It contains a more diverse range of nootropic mushrooms than any other product, with the extracts of 25 different species in every serving.

Unfortunately, more is not always better, as many of the mushrooms that it contains have either not been proven to be of any use in doses far too low to offer their full effects. This means it is an ineffective supplement that will not provide the kind of results that it may appear to.

How To Pick Mushroom Nootropics To Improve Brain Function

Best Mushroom Nootropics


The first thing is to determine what species of mushrooms it contains, as different species of mushroom will produce different effects, and some are not proven to produce health benefits.

You want to ensure the product can help you achieve your goals. This also means you want to stick to supplements that use a reasonably diverse selection of mushroom species, as these will usually produce the greatest range of benefits.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are the most extensively researched and effective mushroom species, while reishi and cordyceps mushrooms are not far behind.

A good starting point is to look for supplements which contain all three of these mushroom species and then work your way up the label from there.


Just as important as the actual ingredients are the doses in the formula, as even the most beneficial mushroom species will be of little to no use to you if you do not take them in sufficient quantities.

The recommended daily intake of mushrooms varies greatly from species to species, so it is impossible to give a blanket answer for what dosage you should be looking for.

However, if a mushroom extract is clearly included in a minuscule dose, it is virtually guaranteed that it will be of no use to you.


While it may not seem as important as the ingredients, the form a supplement can play a role in how much success you have with it.

This is because you are much more likely to keep taking a product that you don’t mind using, so its ingredients will have time to build up in your system.

While capsules and pills are the most common forms for most supplements come in, people who don’t like or have issues swallowing them will also have options like gummies, powders, oils and soft gels, all of which can provide a different level of satisfaction.


The final thing to consider when looking at purchasing nootropic mushroom supplements is their price.

Some supplements may be out of reach for people on tighter budgets. If you make sure to set yourself a clear budget before you begin looking at supplements, it will save you from wasting any time looking at supplements that you simply cannot afford or are unwilling to pay for.

Frequently Asked Mushroom Nootropics Questions

Do Mushroom Nootropics Really Support Brain Health?

Mushroom nootropics are one of the best ways to enhance your brain health and cognitive function. Totally natural and available without a prescription, they can support the brain and body while not putting you at risk of the side effects that often accompany smart drugs.

Are All Mushrooms Nootropics?

Studies suggest that most species of mushrooms can benefit your brain to some extent. However, there are certain species that have been proven to be more beneficial than others.

So, you should not expect to achieve identical benefits if you frequently switch from one species of mushroom to another.

Regardless, our list of the best mushroom supplements provides a range of options to benefit your health.

Do Mushroom Supplements Benefit Your Overall Health?

While best known for their ability to improve your brain health and functions, most nootropic mushrooms can also offer a range of benefits for the rest of the body.

This includes improving blood sugar and energy levels, gut, nerve and immune health, and reducing inflammation.

What Is The Best Nootropic Mushroom?

The lion’s mane mushroom is the most extensively researched and conclusively proven species of mushroom.

It is guaranteed to greatly boost your brain health and functions, provided you take it in a sufficient dose, and it can also offer several other benefits for your overall health.


Nootrum Mushrooms is the top mushroom nootropic because of its highly potent 20:1 extract formula.

If you have difficulty or do not like normal swallowing pills or capsules, then MushGooms Gummies may be the best mushroom supplement for you to try, while Hunter Focus is a very good option for any people who are specifically seeking supplements that promote improved focus and energy levels.

Best Nootropic Mushroom Supplement

Nootrum Mushrooms

A powerful mushroom blend for cognitive and health benefits and a potent 20:1 extract.

Nootrum Mushrooms

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