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6 Best Nootropics For Focus And Concentration & 3 To Avoid (2024)

6 Best Nootropics For Focus And Concentration & 3 To Avoid (2024)


I’m sure you can relate. Staring at your computer with an urgent task, you feel your mind wandering every 30 seconds as you browse the web or check your phone notifications.

We are all human. But there are brain supplements (known as nootropics) that can enhance focus and concentration so you can get your important, mentally demanding tasks finished.

  • Best Supplement For Focus: NooCube
  • Best Supplement For Focus And Concentration: Nooceptin
  • Best Stimulant Supplement For Focus: Vyvamind
  • Best Natural Supplement For Focus And Concentration: Braini
  • Best Supplement For Memory, Focus, And Concentration: Hunter Focus
  • Best Focus Nootropic For Athletes: Pre Lab Pro
NootropicPricePrice per Serving
NooCube$64.99 – $194.99$1.30 – $2.17
Nooceptin$69 – $197$2.19 – $2.30
Vyvamind$74.99 – $207$1.15 – $1.25
Braini$59.99 – $259.99$1.73 – $2.00
Hunter Focus$90 – $270$2.25 – $3.00
Pre Lab Pro$59.99 – $177$2.21 – $2.95

Best Nootropic For Focus


Best Nootropic For Focus


  • Contains scientifically proven compounds, including Bacopa monnieri, L-Theanine, and Panax Ginseng, to improve focus and memory.
  • The synergizing effect of the other ingredients also brings a high potential for benefits.
  • It is caffeine-free, so you can take it at any time of day.


  • There is no immediate effect because of the lack of stimulants.
  • Not all of the ingredients are beneficial, but they are certainly calculated in the price.
NooCubePricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$64.99$2.17 per serving
3 Bottles$129.99$1.44 per serving
5 Bottles$194.99$1.30 per serving

Best Supplement For Focus

NooCube Brain Productivity

An effective nootropic formulation for focus with no stimulants so you can take it in the evening.


The main goal of all nootropics is improving focus, clarity, and all-around cognitive performance. Some fall short, others do a great job.

Some rely on caffeine for an instant energy boost, others don’t, and NooCube is one of the best supplements for focus of the second kind.

The clever NooCube formulation relies on proven substances like Bacopa Monnieri [4] Panax Ginseng [3] and L-Theanine [1][2]. to improve mood and focus.

Many other ingredients in the formula without conclusive study may still bring you value, like Huperzine-A, Resveratrol, and Pterostilbene.

When I was testing Noocube, there were noticeable memory recall and retention effects, and what is most essential for me to – better focus.

Whether this is from the proven or speculative substances, I cannot be sure, but either way, my focus was better after taking Noocube for a while.

As a focus supplement without any stimulants, Noocube is perfect for all busy professionals, students, or hobbyists who need to be on point late into the evening and stay away from caffeine, which can destroy their sleep. 

My NooCube review covers all the ingredients and my experience with this brain supplement.

Best Nootropic For Focus And Concentration


Best Nootropics For Focus And Concentration


  • No caffeine or other stimulants to give you energy, which you have to pay a price for
  • A solid mix of proven and speculative ingredients formulated for all-around cognitive benefits.
  • Improves both memory and attention.


  • Not offering anything unique. All of the ingredients can be found in other nootropics.
NooceptinPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$69.00$2.30 per serving
2 Bottles$138.00$2.30 per serving
3 Bottles$197.00$2.19 per serving

Best Supplement For Focus And Concentration


Boost brain power, focus, & reduce cognitive decline.


Another excellent no-stimulant supplement providing a lasting impact on brain power is Nooceptin.

Nooceptin mixes in popular and proven effective compounds with others with more suspect effects. L-Theanine [1][2], Bacopa Monnieri [4], and Panax Ginseng [3] are all-natural substances that can be found in many nootropics. They improve focus and cognitive function and relieve anxiety.

Others, like Citicoline and Rhodiola Rosea Extract, may or may not improve memory and relieve stress, respectively.

My experience with Nooceptin was positive, and words came easier while I wrote. I genuinely enjoy this more subtle kind of energy, which keeps me invested in what I am doing without inducing stress and anxiety, which is what caffeine, unfortunately, does to me.

Nooceptin is a working product that will gradually show its effects after a week or two. But once you begin feeling it, the supplement can help you keep a laser-like focus on the task at hand, regardless of whether you are a student in a session, a marketing wizard, a gamer, or an entrepreneur.

My Nooceptin review breaks down the ingredients and my experiences.

Best Stimulant Nootropic For Focus And Concentration


Best Supplements For Focus


  • Enhanced concentration aids in maintaining attention on the current task rather than dwelling on a hundred other things at once.
  • Vyvamind’s caffeine/L-theanine stack provides energy and enhances focus minutes after taking it.
  • L-tyrosine and Citicoline may boost memory recall and concentration.


  • Caffeine is great in the morning but can destroy your rest if you take it too late in the day.
VyvamindPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$74.99$2.50 per serving
2 Bottles$139.98$2.33 per serving
3 Bottles$207$2.30 per serving

Best Stimulant Supplement For Focus And Concentration


Neuro-stimulant to boost brain performance and energy.


Vyvamind uses the tried-and-true combination of caffeine and L-theanine [5][6] as its main brain power and energy booster.

With 75 milligrams of caffeine—about the same as a cup of coffee—and L-Theanine to tone the negative effects down, this product is an excellent nootropic with caffeine as a stimulant.

Citicoline [7], which does marvels for memory retention and recall, and L-tyrosine [8], associated with enhanced cognitive flexibility, are two additional ingredients working synergistically to boost your mental capacity.

The studies proving these substances’ efficacy recommend a higher dose, but my concentration was better, and my restless mind was calmer when taking Vyvamind.

I doubt it was purely the effect of caffeine, so I can believe the whole formulation works, at least to a degree.

One advantage of consuming caffeine as a supplement, particularly when combined with L-Theanine, is that it provides an immediate and sustained energy boost, as opposed to an energy drink or a monstrous dose of coffee that will give you energy but at the expense of anxiety.

Also missing is the typical coffee crash when the effect wears off.  

Vyvamind is an outstanding supplement for individuals seeking a combination of an energy surge and an almost instantaneous improvement in concentration and clarity for any task.

My Vyvamind review shares my experience and breaks down the ingredients.

Best Natural Nootropic For Focus And Concentration


Best Supplements For Focus And Concentration


  • A unique blend of 4 natural ingredients, 2 of which are exclusive.
  • Provides long-term effects on mental performance.
  • All ingredients are well-scientifically backed.


  • This is a supplement with long-term effects, so there aren’t any immediate benefits to gain.
BrainiPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$59.99$2.00 per serving
3 Bottles$169.99$1.89 per serving
5 Bottles$259.99$1.73 per serving

Best Natural Supplement For Focus And Concentration


A powerful brain supplement designed for long term gains in mental energy.


Braini breaks out of the typical nootropic mold and won me because of this. Instead of providing quick focus and energy boost, the formula strives for long-term cognitive benefits across multiple dimensions.

The ingredients list is shorter than usual and contains substances not found in any of the other products on this list, with the first two being exclusive for Braini. The effects of this focus supplement come from NeurXcel and Peptylin, and Wild Canadian Blueberries [9].

Naturally, the two exclusive ingredients, NeruXcel and Peptylin, are more attractive. The first is a product of a lot of research and development and contains SDA and GLA, two scientifically proven omegas that enhance brain fluidity.

The second boasts a wealth of published studies, all showcasing its brain performance-enhancing qualities.

I was skeptical initially, but experienced enhancements in decision-making, cognitive flexibility, multitasking, and overall focus, so I cannot attribute them to a placebo. The product really seems to work.

Braini is an excellent natural supplement for focus and concentration with a completely different formula than other nootropics, which often bank on the same core ingredients.

My Braini review shares the research and my experiences with it.

Best Nootropic For Memory, Focus, And Concentration

Hunter Focus

Best Nootropic For Memory Focus And Concentration


  • Caffeine and L-theanine provide consistent energy without adverse effects.
  • Contains components that enhance cognitive performance, including memory, mood, focus, creativity, and attention.
  • Hunter Focus has the largest ingredient list, so you get what you pay for.


  • More expensive than most because of the many ingredients, not all of which likely bring results.
Hunter FocusPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$90$3.00 per serving
3 Bottles$180$3.00 per serving
5 Bottles$270$2.25 per serving

Best Supplement For Memory, Focus, And Concentration

Hunter Focus

A comprehensive nootropic supplement with a blend of energy and focus ingredients.

Hunter Focus

The most extensive formulation on this list belongs to Hunter Focus. As a slightly more premium product, Hunter Focus aims to deliver all possible benefits regarding memory, focus, concentration, mood, and mental flexibility.

The trusty caffeine + L-theanine combination [5][6] brings the first line of effects. But this is not the full extent of this supplement; it is only the energy-boosting ingredients. Hunter’s focus is full of other compounds, both proven and speculative.

Some important components include Bacopa Monnieri [4], which improves cognitive function and memory, the well-known Ashwagandha root, and Ginko Biloba, which refreshes working memory.

At the same time, L-theanine and L-tyrosine [8] are concertation enhancers. And this is far from the complete list of ingredients.

Huter Focus performs as anticipated, given its high stack of mental boosters on top of caffeine. You may not experience all the stated benefits, but I felt much more focused, and words flowed easily when writing articles.

Hunter Focus is more expensive than the other options on the list due to its extensive component list. Nonetheless, the supplement is worth the cost for high performers or biohackers willing to pay extra bucks for possible focus, concentration, and memory enhancements.

My Hunter Focus review breaks down every ingredient and my experiences with it.

Best Focus Nootropic For Athletes

Pre Lab Pro

Best Nootropic For Focus And Concentration


  • The Informed-Sport certification ensures the product has undergone testing for prohibited substances, safeguarding against the risk of failing a drug screening.
  • A combination of caffeine and L-theanine creates an optimal nootropic blend, delivering energy boosts without the side effects of jitteriness or nervousness.
  • The formula is further enriched with components aimed at boosting sports performance.


  • The taste might not appeal to everyone, requiring a mix with another supplement or electrolytes to improve its taste.
  • Its price point is higher compared to other pre-workout options on the market.
Pre Lab ProPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$59.99$2.95 per serving
2 Bottles$118.00$2.95 per serving
4 Bottles$177.00$2.21 per serving

Best Focus Nootropic For Athletes

Pre Lab Pro

A low-stim pre-workout blended with cognitive-enhancing ingredients.

Pre Lab Pro Nootropic Pre Workout

Sports require just as much focus as mental tasks, sometimes even more so, because a lack of concentration can have immediate physical consequences.

Pre Lab Pro is an all-in-one stimulant nootropic with many ingredients, one of which makes it a bit more suitable for specific athletes.

Pre Lab Pro is a top pick for athletes because it’s got the Informed-Sport seal, meaning it’s clean of banned substances, and you won’t fail a random drug test.

It’s perfect for those who don’t do well with too much caffeine, mixing just a little with L-theanine to keep you focused but not shaky.

Plus, it packs extra performance-enhancing ingredients like L-citrulline/L-glutathione, red beet powder, and Himalayan pink salt to keep your strength, endurance, and recovery game strong.

The downsides? It has a unique taste, so it might take a while to get used to, and it’s pricier than other pre-workouts.

But, with its smart caffeine blend, it’s a solid choice if you want energy without the jitters, making it worth the extra cash for athletes after a clean, effective boost.

My Pre Lab Pro review shares my experiences.

Focus And Concentration Supplements To Avoid


There are a bunch of highly popular focus and concentration supplements widely available in major pharmacies and grocery stores, which makes them an easy pick for the casual customer who doesn’t spend much time researching supplements (which is understandable).

The first on this list is Neuriva. If you read the label, you will be promised a boost in reasoning, memory, focus, and concentration, among other things. But in reality, there aren’t many ingredients in Neuriva to get these results.

The formula has two primary ingredients: coffee fruit extract and phosphatidylserine.

The first lacks good studies because the maker of coffee fruit extract sponsors all of the existing ones, but the second has some scientific support. However, you cannot anticipate significant results with only one active ingredient.

Even worse is Titanium Dioxide, which is prohibited in Europe as an additive.

So, instead of Neuriva, I recommend you use a proven nootropic, such as any of the ones listed. You can read more about why in my Neuriva review.


Next of the “grocery store nootropics,” as I like to call them, is Prevagen. This one has a single active ingredient called Apoaequorin that should deliver all the promised benefits.

I wouldn’t mind the limited formula if the ingredients were truly good, but Apoaequorin has been researched only internally within the company dealing with it, so I find it extremely difficult to believe the study is unbiased.

Perhaps the supplement will work for you if you take it for the prescribed 60 days, but for 30 days of use, I haven’t felt any differences and stopped using it.

You can read more about my experiences in my Prevagen review.

Focus Factor

Focus Factor finishes the trio of focus supplements to avoid. The company takes a different approach than Neuriva and Prevagen and stuffs the product with a dozen proven nootropic ingredients.

This is an excellent approach, completely ruined by the minuscule quantities of each ingredient inside the 640 mg proprietary blend. With some ingredients requiring as much quantity alone to work, it’s highly unlikely to feel any effects from Focus Factor.

You can read an in-depth breakdown in my Focus Factor review.

How To Pick The Best Nootropic Supplements For Focus

Nootropic Supplements For Focus

Ingredients & Formulation

Look for supplements that contain proven focus-boosting ingredients like caffeine, L-theanine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Rhodiola Rosea.

A good supplement will have a well-balanced formulation that synergizes different ingredients to enhance focus without adverse effects.

The presence of adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea can help manage stress, while amino acids like L-theanine can modulate the stimulating effects of caffeine, providing a balanced energy boost.


The effectiveness of a supplement is significantly influenced by its dosage. Many hide formulations behind proprietary blends, and the total blend is lower than the effective dose of the main ingredients.

Always check the supplement label for the dosages of individual ingredients to ensure they align with dosages that have been shown to be effective in scientific studies.

Here’s some examples of ingredient doses to enhance focus and concentration:

  • Bacopa monnieri: >300 mg
  • L-tyrosine: >2 g
  • Caffeine/L-theanine: 1:2 ratio
  • Lions mane mushroom extract: >1 g
  • Rhodiola rosea: 100-170 mg, with a rosavin content of 3.6-6.14 mg

Stimulant vs. Non-Stimulant

Nootropics For Focus

Stimulants like caffeine can quickly boost focus and alertness but may come with side effects like jitteriness or a crash.

On the other hand, non-stimulant nootropics might include ingredients that support focus and cognitive function over time without the immediate kick.

Your preference between stimulant and non-stimulant options will depend on your sensitivity to stimulants and whether you’re looking for an immediate boost or sustained support.

Short vs. Long-Term Benefits

Some supplements offer immediate effects, making them suitable for acute focus needs, such as preparing for an exam or meeting a work deadline.

Others may need to be taken consistently over weeks or months to gradually support cognitive health and improve focus.

Decide whether your priority is short-term improvement or long-term cognitive health to guide your choice.

Vyvamind provides the immediate focus boost, while NooCube and Braini support long-term focus enhancements.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing by independent labs ensures that a supplement contains what it claims to be free from harmful levels of contaminants.

This testing can verify the product’s purity, potency, and safety. Further, the informed sport tick means it’s tested for banned substances, which is crucial for competitive athletes and first responders who are randomly drug tested.

Look for products that have undergone third-party testing and provide access to these results, offering peace of mind regarding their quality.

Clinical Research

Opt for supplements backed by clinical research, demonstrating their efficacy in enhancing focus and cognitive function.

Peer-reviewed studies on the supplement’s specific formulation or key ingredients reassure that the product is effective and safe for consumption.

Be cautious of supplements that make broad claims without scientific evidence to back them up.


The cost of focus-enhancing supplements can vary widely. While it’s tempting to opt for cheaper options, they may not always provide the best value regarding effectiveness and safety.

Conversely, the most expensive products aren’t automatically the best choice. Consider the supplement’s formulation, the quality of its ingredients, third-party testing, and clinical research support when evaluating its price.

Finding a product that balances cost and quality is key to making a worthwhile investment in your cognitive health.

Frequently Asked Focus Nootropics Questions

Nootropics For Focus And Concentration

What Vitamin Is Good For Brain Concentration?

Vitamin B is often said to improve brain function and concentration. However, randomized placebo-controlled trials have not demonstrated a clear cognitive benefit from supplementation with vitamin B12, B6, or folic acid [10].

Other herbs and amino acids offer better brain concentration benefits than vitamins.

What Is The Best Nootropic For Focus?

NooCube is the best nootropic for focus as it contains various natural ingredients to enhance brain function and focus. It has no stimulants, so you don’t get an energy crash afterward. I’ve had great success using it.


Nootropics are excellent supplements for enhancing focus and concentration. However, you must be careful interpreting wild claims from some companies. Check the ingredients label to ensure the product is legit and is dosed well enough to provide benefits.

NooCube is an excellent non-stimulant nootropic for focus and concentration, while Vyvamind provides immediate focus enhancement through the caffeine and l-theanine stack.

Best Supplement For Focus

NooCube Brain Productivity

An effective nootropic formulation for focus with no stimulants so you can take it in the evening.



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