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5 Best Nootropics For Memory & 3 To Avoid (2024)

5 Best Nootropics For Memory & 3 To Avoid (2024)


A gradual decline in memory and cognitive ability is inevitable as we age. But we at least have some control over the time it occurs and the degree of it through our lifestyle choices. One more recent addition to the choices we can make to help out cognition is the so-called “smart drugs” or nootropics.

With the help of the right nootropic, you can return your memory, focus, and mental clarity to what they were during your better days. But not all products are equal, and dozens on the market will do nothing for you in the better scenario or be outright dangerous in the worst-case scenario. 

As someone who’s living depends on processing information, brain power and memory in particular are essential topics. This is why I have tested some of the top nootropics on the market to find out what is the best one for boosting memory.

  • Best Nootropic For Memory: NooCube
  • Best Stimulant Nootropic For Memory: Vyvamind
  • Best Natural Nootropic For Memory Loss: Braini
  • Best Nootropic For Memory And Focus: Mind Lab Pro
  • Best Nootropic For Memory And Learning: Hunter Focus
NootropicPricePrice per Serving
NooCube$64.99 – $194.99$1.30 – $2.17
Vyvamind$74.99 – $207$2.30 – $2.50
Braini$59.99 – $259.99$1.73 – $2.00
Mind Lab Pro$69 – $207$1.73 – $2.30
Hunter Focus$90 – $270$2.25 – $3.00

Best Nootropic For Memory


NooCube Memory Nootropic


  • It contains scientifically established ingredients, such as Bacopa monnieri, Panax Ginseng, Choline, and Huperzine A, all enhancing memory.
  • The whole formula’s synergistic effect enhances mental performance, mood, and focus.
  • It is caffeine-free and can be taken at any time of day.


  • There is no immediate effect because of the lack of stimulants.
  • Many ingredients are underdosed and may not be enough to provide the stated benefits.
NooCubePricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$64.99$2.17 per serving
3 Bottles$129.99$1.44 per serving
5 Bottles$194.99$1.30 per serving

Noocube is my first choice when it comes to improving memory. And like most other similar products, it will help your focus, clarity, and mental alertness.

The smart NooCube formula is based on established ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieri [4], L-Tyrosine [3], and L-Theanine [1][2] to help enhance mood and concentration.

Bacopa Monierri, Choline Bitartrate [5], Panax Ginseng [6], and Huperzine A are crucial ingredients that will help you regain your good memory.

Despite the lack of conclusive research, many other compounds in the formula, including Huperzine-A, Resveratrol, and Pterostilbene, may still benefit you.

When I tested Noocube, I noticed improvements in memory recall and retention and increased attention, which I often find myself lacking. Although many ingredients are underdosed, I have noticed positive effects, so I assume the formulation works.

None of the other nootropics contains as many memory enhancers, which is why I have chosen Noocube as the best nootropic for memory.

But the supplement is also great for people who need to stay focused late into the evening while avoiding caffeine, which might disrupt their sleep.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my NooCube supplement review.

Best Nootropic For Memory

NooCube Brain Productivity

An effective nootropic formulation for focus with no stimulants for enhanced memory recall.


Best Stimulant Nootropic For Memory


Vyvamind Memory Nootropic Supplement


  • Enhanced concentration helps keep your attention on the current task rather than focusing on a hundred other things simultaneously.
  • The caffeine/L-theanine combination makes you feel more energetic and focused almost immediately.
  • L-tyrosine combined with citicoline improves memory recall and focus.


  • Caffeine should not be taken late in the day regularly, so Vyvamind is primarily a morning/midday supplement.
VyvamindPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$74.99$2.50 per serving
2 Bottles$139.98$2.33 per serving
3 Bottles$207$2.30 per serving

Best Stimulant Nootropic For Memory


Neuro-stimulant to boost brain performance and memory recall.


Vyvamind relies on the tried-and-true mix of caffeine and L-theanine [7][8] as its primary cognitive power and energy booster.

With 75 milligrams of caffeine—roughly the same as a cup of coffee—and L-Theanine to mitigate the negative effects, this product is an outstanding nootropic using caffeine as a stimulant.

The greater focus and attention span also indirectly help memory retention because when you are zoned in on the task at hand, it’s much easier to remember information than when you are constantly distracted.

Citicoline [9] also improves memory retention and recall, while L-tyrosine [10] is linked to increased cognitive flexibility. 

The studies proving the usefulness of these substances suggest a higher dose. However, using Vyvamind improved my concentration and calmed my restless mind even with these doses. 

One advantage of taking caffeine as a supplement, especially when paired with L-Theanine, is that it delivers an immediate and prolonged energy boost, as opposed to an energy drink or a massive dosage of coffee, which produces energy but also causes anxiety.

Vyvamind is an excellent supplement for people who want an energy boost and an almost instantaneous improvement in attention and clarity while also enjoying memory improvements if the supplement is taken long enough, as the company suggests. 

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Vyvamind review.

Best Natural Nootropic For Memory Loss


Braini Natural Memory Nootropic


  • A unique combination of four natural components, two of which are exclusive.
  • Provides long-term benefits to mental performance and memory.
  • All ingredients are well-scientifically backed.
  • Show big promise for regenerative benefits, aiding in memory loss.


  • You need to take Braini for a more extended period before feeling its effects.
BrainiPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$59.99$2.00 per serving
3 Bottles$169.99$1.89 per serving
5 Bottles$259.99$1.73 per serving

Best Natural Nootropic For Memory Loss


A powerful brain supplement designed for long-term gains in cognitive function and memory.


Braini is rather unique, with a formula containing some exclusive ingredients and none of the common ones found in the rest of this list. Braini’s formulation aims for long-term cognitive benefits across various dimensions.

The effects of this brain-enhancing supplement are provided by the ingredients NeurXcel, Peptylin, Evergreen Rosemary, and Wild Canadian Blueberries.

It’s important to note the whole Braini formula is backed by clinical research, not only the individual ingredients [11]

NeruXcel and Peptylin are the exclusive components, making them much more interesting. The first is the result of extensive study and development and contains SDA and GLA, two scientifically verified omegas that improve brain fluidity.

Both of them show results in bolstering memory and mental agility. The formula targets various people, but a key group is aging adults experiencing cognitive decline and memory loss.

Peptilyn, in particular, demonstrates the capability to augment brain synapses and deliver regenerative benefits.

I admit I was skeptical about seeing results. Still, I noticed improvements in decision-making, cognitive flexibility, multitasking, and general focus, which I cannot attribute to anything else at the time but Braini.

Braini is an outstanding natural product to help you with memory loss and improve focus and concentration. It uses an entirely different formula than other nootropics, which often depend on the same key ingredients.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Braini review.

Best Nootropic For Memory And Focus

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Memory Nootropic Supplement


  • Contains powerhouse memory enhancers such as Bacopa Monnieri and Pine Bark Extract.
  • An all-in-one nootropic aiming to enhance all cognitive functions.
  • Mind Lab Pro is stimulant-free and can be taken at any time.


  • While the formula is unique, you can find all the ingredients in other nootropics.
Mind Lab ProPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$69$2.30 per serving
2 Bottles$138$2.30 per serving
4 Bottles$207$1.73 per serving

Best Nootropic For Memory And Focus

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Brain Supplement

Boost brain power, reduce cognitive decline, and enhance memory and focus.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro’s formulation offers a unique blend of 11 research-backed ingredients. This synergistic formula works on all aspects of brain health, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach.

Mind Lab Pro uses many of the same ingredients as the other products on this list, such as L-theanine [1][2], L-Tyrosine [8], and Bacopa Monnieri [4] as the core brain enhancers. 

To the more interesting ingredients, we can add Organic Lions Mane Mushrooms, which improve working memory and complex attention [12], and Pine Bark Extract, which is suggested to provide general memory improvements [13].

The synergistic blend has been proven to improve memory retention and recall. As is the case with all non-stimulant nootropics, you will need to take it for up to three months before feeling the effects noticeably.

We realize our memory is not on point when we notice the brain doesn’t work properly, but I am confident Mind Lab Pro can help you experience fewer of these “holes” while providing a steady focus and mood boost. Studies also suggest the supplement is beneficial.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Mind Lab Pro review.

Best Nootropic For Memory And Learning

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus Memory Nootropic
Hunter FocusPricePrice per Serving
1 Bottle$90$3.00 per serving
3 Bottles$180$3.00 per serving
5 Bottles$270$2.25 per serving

Best Nootropic For Memory And Learning

Hunter Focus

A comprehensive nootropic supplement with a blend of ingredients to enhance memory.

Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus has the most elaborate formulation on this list. It can be considered a more premium nootropic looking to provide all conceivable benefits regarding memory, attention, concentration, mood, and mental flexibility.

The classic caffeine and L-theanine combo [7][8] provides the much-needed focus and energy boost. 

The ingredients instrumental in improving memory include Bacopa Monnieri [4], the extremely popular Ashwagandha root, and Ginko Biloba [14].

At the same time, L-theanine and L-tyrosine [15] promote concertation. 

Hunter Focus works as expected, given its high concentration of mental boosters on top of caffeine. You will likely not feel every stated benefit, but I can vouch for the supplement as I felt more focused and haven’t found myself stumbling for words when writing articles while testing Hunter Focus.

Hunter Focus costs more than the other options on the list because of its vast component list.

Nonetheless, the supplement is worthwhile for elite performers or biohackers ready to pay a few bucks more for potential memory, focus, and mental clarity enhancements.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Hunter Focus review.

Nootropics For Memory To Avoid


There are several popular nootropics readily available in large pharmacies and grocery stores, making them an easy choice for the casual client who does not spend much time investigating supplements and trusts marketing promises.

I want to quickly help you dispel the myth of honesty in the pharmaceutical industry.  

The first entry on this list is Neuriva. If you read the label, you will be guaranteed an improvement in memory, cognition, focus, and concentration, among other benefits. 

Neuriva’s formula relies on two active ingredients to deliver the benefits: coffee fruit extract and phosphatidylserine. 

The problem is the only studies done on coffee fruit extract have been funded by its producer, which is a big red flag for bias. Phosphatidylserine has more clinical backing but is nowhere near enough to provide complete cognitive benefits.

Not to mention, the supplement contains Titanium Dioxide, which is a banned additive in Europe. 

So, instead of Neuriva, I recommend trying a proven nootropic, such as any of the ones above. I further explain why in my Neuriva review.


Another popular “grocery store” nootropic to avoid is Prevagen. This one has a single active ingredient called Apoaequorin. And just like coffee fruit extract, the only research on Apoaequorin is done internally in the company selling it. So, you can imagine how honest the studies are.

Some benefits may be drawn from Prevagen, but in my 30 days of using it, I haven’t felt any of them. You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Prevagen review.

Focus Factor

A quick glance at Focus Factor’s ingredient list shows big promise. With a dozen substances, many of which are proven nootropic agents, this one should work. But only if the ingredients were dosed correctly.

With a proprietary blend of 640 grams in total, each of Focus Factor’s ingredients is critically underdosed. Some of them require as many grams individually to provide benefits, and we can only guess how much of each is inside Focus Factor’s blend. 

It’s not impossible for the synergistic effect of all of them to provide some benefits, but I would much rather choose a product I can be confident will work, at least to a degree. 

My Focus Factor review goes into more detail why.

How To Pick The Best Nootropics For Memory

Best Supplements For Memory

Ingredients & Formulation

It’s important to look for proven memory-boosting substances such as Bacopa Monnieri, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Lion Mane’s Mushroom, and Huperzine A. All of them have at least some scientific backing for delivering improvements on different memory types. 

While memory is crucial, nootropics usually aim to bring benefits to all aspects of cognitive function. An excellent brain supplement will have a well-balanced formulation combining multiple components to improve memory and focus while minimizing side effects. 

The presence of adaptogens such as Rhodiola Rosea can assist in controlling stress, whereas amino acids such as L-theanine can modulate caffeine’s stimulating effects, delivering a more balanced memory recall boost.


The effectiveness of a supplement is strongly impacted by its dosage. Many conceal the doses under proprietary blends, and the entire blend is less than the effective dose of the primary components. 

Always check the supplement label for specific dosages to ensure they are consistent with those proven effective in scientific research. 

Here are some examples of effective dosages of popular ingredients:

  • Bacopa monnieri: >300 mg
  • L-tyrosine: >2 g
  • Caffeine/L-theanine: 1:2 ratio
  • Lions mane mushroom extract: >1 g
  • Rhodiola rosea: 100-170 mg, with a rosavin content of 3.6-6.14 mg
  • Huperzine A:> 1mg/kg bodyweight

Stimulant vs. Non-Stimulant

Caffeine and other stimulants can instantly increase focus and alertness, but they may also cause jitteriness or an energy crash. 

Non-stimulant nootropics, on the other hand, may contain substances that promote long-term focus and cognitive performance without providing an instant boost. 

Your sensitivity to stimulants will determine your decision for stimulant versus non-stimulant solutions and whether you want a quick memory recall boost or long-term support.

If the main thing you want to get out of nootropics is better memory recall and retention, the non-stimulant products are likely a better choice.

Short vs. Long-Term Benefits

Best Nootropics For Memory And Focus

Whether you want better working or long-term memory, the possible improvements are achieved through continuous administration of nootropic supplements. 

The ingredients responsible for them work through accumulation, and most manufacturers suggest taking them for at least 3 months to feel the full effect. 

So, the best nootropics for memory offer long-term benefits. Short-term mind boosts are usually connected to better focus, reduced brain fog, and a much better attention span. The most significant short-term effects are provided by caffeine.

If you are after the best continuous memory enhancement, pick Noocube or Braini. If you want immediate focus and concentration benefits while still experiencing some memory benefits in the long run, go for a stimulant-based nootropic like Vyvamind or Hunter Focus.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing by independent labs assures a supplement contains the ingredients it claims and is free of dangerous contaminants. 

This testing will guarantee the substance is pure, potent, and safe. Furthermore, the informed sport tick indicates it has been tested for banned substances, which is critical for competitive athletes and first responders who are subjected to random drug tests. 

Look for products with third-party testing and provide access to the results, giving you peace of mind about the quality.

Clinical Research

Choose supplements that have been clinically shown to improve cognitive performance and memory. 

Peer-reviewed studies on the supplement’s unique formulation or key ingredients prove the product is effective and safe to consume. However, most supplements do not have research on the complete formula, which is the ultimate test. Only Braini boasts this type of study.

Be wary of supplements making big claims without scientific evidence to support them.


The cost of nootropics varies significantly. While it is tempting to choose cheaper options, they may not consistently deliver the best value in terms of effectiveness and safety. 

Conversely, the most expensive supplements are not always the best. When determining the pricing of a supplement, consider its formulation, ingredient quality, third-party testing, and clinical research support. 

Some companies put too many ingredients inside their formula, which you will have to pay for, regardless of whether the doses are effective or the ingredients have any benefit in the first place. So, more does not always mean better.

Finding a solution that strikes a balance between cost and quality is critical to making a wise investment in your cognitive health.

Frequently Asked Memory Nootropic Questions

Best Nootropics For Memory And Learning

What Is The Best Memory Stimulant?

Caffeine is the best memory stimulant as it boosts focus and alertness, promoting enhanced memory recall.

What Is The Best Drug To Improve Memory For Studying?

NooCube is the best drug to improve memory for studying as it contains multiple efficacious ingredients for memory recall.

Do Any Supplements Actually Improve Memory?

There are a few supplements that may improve memory. Briani’s formulation has shown to enhance the ability to organize thoughts, manage time, and switch focus.


Noocube tops our list for the best nootropic for memory because it contains the most substances proven to be effective in this regard, like Bacopa Monierri, Choline Bitartrate, and Panax Ginseng. 

If you want a more immediate effect on your cognition, turn to stimulant-based products like Vyvamind or Hunter Focus. And if memory loss is your chief concern and you want a product with studies done on the full formula, give Braini a try. 

Best Nootropic For Memory

NooCube Brain Productivity

An effective nootropic formulation for focus with no stimulants for enhanced memory recall.



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