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Wow! The Best Shilajit Brands In 2024

Wow! The Best Shilajit Brands In 2024


Shilajit is one of the hottest supplements on the market. It claims a range of benefits, including improved energy levels, a boosted immune system, and increased testosterone.

When getting pure Himalayan shilajit from trusted brands, things get a bit tricky. Plenty of shilajit resin on sale isn’t pure shilajit resin as it doesn’t behave like authentic shilajit.

For example, high-quality shilajit will always be in resin form as it goes hard. So, to make life easier for you, I’ve cut through the noise to give you the best pure shilajit resin supplements.

Shilajit BrandPricePrice per Serving
Nootrum Shilajit Resin$35.99 – 85.99$0.57 – $0.72
PÜR SHILAJIT Tablets$39.20 – $49.00$1.31 – $1.63
Nootropics Depot PrimaVie Shilajit Capsules$29.99 – $32.99$0.33 – $0.37
SunFood Shilajit Powder$44.99$0.54
Essencraft Organic Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin$71.97 – $79.97$0.60 – $0.67
Pure Himalayan Shilajit$58.49 – $64.99$0.78 – $0.87

Best Shilajit Brand

Nootrum Shilajit Resin


  • Has strict third-party testing.
  • 85% Fulvic Acid.
  • Harvested from high-altitude regions.
  • Backed by a robust money-back guarantee.
  • Has the best bulk buy shilajit deals.


  • Only available in 20g containers (but comes in multi-container bundles).
  • Only available from their official store.

Best Shilajit Brand

Nootrum Shilajit Resin

The most potent Shilajit brand in resin form with 85% fulvic acid for health-boosting properties.

Nootrum Shilajit
Shilajit Supplement1 Tub2 Tubs3 Tubs
Nootrum Shilajit Resin$35.99 ($0.72 per serving)$66.99 ($0.67 per serving)$85.99 ($0.57 per serving)

Nootrum has rapidly become one of my favorite supplement brands. Although they generally focus exclusively on mushroom products, they seem to have made an exception with shilajit.

The health benefits of shilajit are similar to what you could get from functional mushrooms.

Now, like all things Nootrum do, they make the most potent version possible and thus have unsurprisingly produced a high-quality shilajit.

They’re the strongest on this list at 85% fulvic acid despite a very reasonable price point for 20g.

And as always, all their products have a money-back guarantee. So, if you haven’t tried shilajit resin before and don’t know if it will work for you, this is the best shilajit brand to try.

Best Shilajit Resin Tablet



  • Low processing and sun-dried.
  • 500mg of high potency, purified shilajit per capsule.
  • 82% fulvic acid.
  • Shilajit tablet is excellent for travel.
  • Third-party tested for quality and safety.
  • Superior UV-blocking glass packaging.
  • Pre-measured doses to make that part of the process easier.
  • Blister packed for freshness.


  • More expensive than elemental shilajit powders.
  • Benefits touted require consistent long-term use.
  • The processing method hasn’t been studied extensively yet.

Best Shilajit Resin Tablet


While not as potent, the tablet form is easy to take and transport.

Pur Shilajit Tablets
Shilajit Supplement1 Pack1 Pack (Subscription)
PÜR SHILAJIT$49.00 ($1.63 per serving)$39.20 ($1.31 per serving)

First, this is a great travel option. It is pure Himalayan shilajit, prepackaged as a single dose per pressed tablet.

The downside is that a $49 pack is just two weeks’ worth of pure shilajit.

So, it’s not a great value option, but Pür Shilajit offers a good sun-dried shilajit resin in tablet form if you need that for travel convenience.

Pür Shilajit is a solid brand with good testing and high purity levels, coming second only to Nootrum. They’re just a bit too overpriced for me to rate them any higher than I did.

Best Shilajit Capsules

Nootropics Depot PrimaVie Shilajit Capsules


  • Patented high-quality shilajit extract.
  • Capsules are more suitable for some people.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Rich in beneficial compounds like fulvic acid, dibenzo-?-pyrones, and over 40 minerals.


  • Lower bioavailability due to the format.
  • 250mg dosage may be lower than some prefer.

Best Shilajit Capsules

Nootropics Depot PrimaVie Shilajit Capsules

Capsules are the easiest method for taking Shilajit even if it’s not as effective. Nootropics Depot have done a great job.

Nootropics Depot PrimaVie Shilajit Capsules
Shilajit Supplement1 Bottle1 Bottle (Subscription)
Nootropics Depot PrimaVie Shilajit Capsules$32.99 ($0.37 per serving)$29.99 ($0.33 per serving)

I must start by saying you’re better off with a resin or Pur’s option. But if you absolutely can’t stand the taste of shilajit, then you may want capsules.

It’s not pure shilajit resin, so it’s not as bioavailable as the options on the list. It also has a lower fulvic acid content.

Although this is about as good as it gets in capsule form, I’m not a massive fan. But if this is your preferred mode of consumption, these are the best Shilajit options.

Best Shilajit Powder

SunFood Shilajit Powder


  • Convenient for the office.
  • Relatively pure shilajit for powder.
  • Authentic, pure shilajit sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains.
  • Harvested by hand at high altitudes for maximum potency.
  • Gently dried at low temperatures to preserve beneficial compounds.
  • Tested to be free of pollutants and contaminants.


  • The earthy, smoky flavor may be unpalatable for some.

Best Shilajit Powder

SunFood Shilajit Powder

You’re better off with resin than powder but if powder is your thing, try SunFood.

Sunfood Shilajit Powder
Shilajit Supplement1 Pack
SunFood Shilajit Powder$44.99 ($0.54 per serving)

There aren’t many shilajit powder options, and that’s because shilajit dissolves in water. However, if you want to leave it on your desk at work to add to coffee, then there is one use case.

The fulvic acid content is mediocre, although you get two months’ worth of doses, which is enough to justify the price.

See, pure shilajit resin would be awkward to store in a desk drawer, and you would need to make sure your measuring spoon is properly clean, etc. But it would be useful only for something like this.

However, despite saying that, I have found Sunfood to be the best Shilajit product for powders.

Best Shilajit For Testosterone

Essencraft Organic Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin


  • Harvested from a prime high-altitude Himalayan source.
  • Preserves traditional purity through chemical-free extraction.
  • It is packed with masculinity-supporting nutrients like minerals and fulvic acid.
  • Robust antioxidant and adaptogenic properties.
  • No fillers or additives.
  • Reputable brand focused on quality and transparency.


  • It is more expensive than some other Shilajit brands.
  • Thick resin texture can make precise dosing difficult.
  • Full benefits may take 2+ months of consistent use to experience.

Best Shilajit For Testosterone

Essencraft Organic Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin

A potent resin formula for boosting testosterone. One serving daily is all you need.

Essencraft Shilajit Resin
Shilajit Supplement1 Bottle1 Bottle (Subscription)
Essencraft Organic Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin$79.97 ($0.67 per serving)$71.97 ($0.60 per serving)

If you’re looking for a solid shilajit supplement to give your testosterone levels a natural boost potentially, Essencraft’s Organic Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin is worth checking out.

This stuff comes straight from the famous high-altitude Ladakh region in the Himalayas at over 18,000 feet up. That’s about as legit a source for Shilajit as you can get. They use a traditional no-chemicals method to extract it, too, so you’re getting the real deal.

One of Shilajit’s major positives is its nutrient-packed minerals, antioxidants, and compounds like fulvic acid, which are awesome for male health.

All that good stuff helps create an environment for better testosterone production and balanced hormones. Some guys find it gives them more vigor and stamina if you know what I mean.

Now, is this the magic testosterone cure-all? Probably not. But a quality shilajit like Essencraft’s can potentially help nudge your T-levels in the right direction over time, especially if low T is an issue for you.

Be ready for the strong, earthy taste, and be patient. It can take a couple of months before you feel the effects.

Best Shilajit On Amazon

Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin


  • Harvested the Himalayan mountains.
  • Minimally processed.
  • 78% fulvic acid.
  • Includes a metal measuring spoon.


  • Available in 15g and 50g tubs, but the 15g is significantly overpriced.

Best Shilajit On Amazon

Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Want a solid Shilajit brand shipped to your door overnight? Try Pure Himalayan Shilajit.

Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin
Shilajit Supplement1 Bottle1 Bottle (Subscription)
Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin$64.99 ($0.87 per serving)$58.49 ($0.78 per serving)

The brand’s name is Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin. As annoying as that is (because there are about three different companies named this or similar), it’s a pretty good Shilajit brand regarding its resin.

They do offer other Shilajit products, although I wouldn’t recommend them. Their fulvic acid content is lower, and they’re more processed.

The resin does have an excellent fulvic acid concentration. It’s sundried, which means it’s processed at a low temperature. As you’d expect from the name, it’s sourced from the Himalayan mountains, and the company provides third-party testing.

It’s slightly lower purity than Nootrum and costs a bit more. They also offer shilajit gummies, liquid drops, and a host of other products that don’t contain enough pure shilajit resin.

Other Forms Of Shilajit Products I Didn’t Cover

Liquid Drops

There is no good reason to get liquid shilajit. It’s overpriced and watered down, and you can’t tell how much pure shilajit resin is in the supplement. There can’t be enough to affect such a small drop of water. These products are a complete con.

Shilajit Gummies

Gummies are problematic for 90% of supplements, and the reason is that they don’t hold much material.

The average capsule contains just under 1000 mg, and a gummy can only contain about 150 mg in most cases.

400 mg of pure shilajit resin is a full dose, so it could be made into 2 large gummies. Unfortunately, nobody has done this yet.

The Benefits of Shilajit Resin

Shilajit has been around in Ayurvedic medicine, and like a lot of things from that area of the world, some of the health claims seem to match up, and some of them seem a bit sketchy.

Immune Function

Several studies have demonstrated that shilajit may modulate the immune response by regulating the production and activity of immune cells, including T cells, B cells, and natural killer (NK) cells.

This enhances the body’s defense mechanisms against infections and diseases. Additionally, research suggests that shilajit can promote gut health by fostering the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and improving gut barrier function.

Improved Spermatogenesis

Shilajit has been shown to enhance spermatogenic activity, potentially increasing sperm count and quality in men with oligospermia (low sperm count) [1].

Enhanced Muscle Performance

Shilajit’s adaptogenic properties may help mitigate the effects of fatigue on muscle performance, thereby improving endurance and recovery during physical activity.

Neuroprotective Effects

The high concentration of fulvic acid in shilajit is associated with potential neuroprotective benefits, suggesting it may support cognitive function and help prevent neurodegenerative diseases [2].

Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties

Shilajit possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a valuable tool in combating various chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

Clinical research on shilajit compounds, including dibenzo-alpha-pyrones and fulvic acids, has significantly improved these issues [3].

Altitude Sickness Relief

Shilajit has been shown to help the body adapt to the reduced oxygen levels at high altitudes, potentially alleviating symptoms of altitude sickness [4].

Testosterone Boost

Several studies indicate that shilajit supplementation can significantly increase testosterone levels in men but not in women. This is particularly beneficial for those with low testosterone, as shilajit may support fertility, muscle growth, and overall sexual health [5].

Choosing The Best Shilajit Resin

Best Shilajit Brand

There are a few things to look for when it comes to high-quality shilajit:

Altitude of Harvest

One key factor that sets the best shilajit brands apart is the altitude at which the raw material is harvested.

The higher the altitude, the purer and more potent the shilajit tends to be. This is because shilajit, collected from the uppermost regions of the Himalayas, typically above 16,000 feet (5,000 meters), has had less exposure to potential contaminants and impurities as it seeps down the mountainside.

Minimal Processing

The best shilajit brands, however, recognize the importance of preserving the natural state of the substance.

They employ gentle, low-heat methods to extract and concentrate the raw shilajit without harsh chemicals or solvents.

Ideally, sun-dried shilajit resin is the purest and most potent. Our number one pick, Nootrum, uses this method.

This ensures that the final product retains the full spectrum of beneficial compounds, including the highly sought-after fulvic acid, which can be degraded or diminished through over-processing; now, it’s worth mentioning that maintaining higher fulvic acid is an excellent place to start.

But you’ll also be able to tell by how the shilajit behaves. For example, in its resin form, it should be sticky and gooey, look like tar, and be awkward to deal with.

When it gets cold, it will go hard, for example. It also dries out pretty quickly, which isn’t too difficult to sort out, but if its state doesn’t change, it’s probably not pure Himalayan Shilajit.

Fulvic Acid Content

Fulvic acid has numerous health benefits and is one of the main compounds in shilajit supplements.

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent antioxidant. It’s also been shown to improve the immune system, wound healing, cognitive function, and even gut health.

Consequently, a high fulvic acid content is a good starting point when looking for good shilajit resin.

Purity and Contaminant Testing Shilajit

Most reputable manufacturers conduct third-party testing to ensure no heavy metals, toxins, or other contaminants are in their shilajit.

Shilajit Dosage

The typical adult dosage for shilajit resin is around 100-200 mg per day to start with going up to as high as 500mg, taken either directly or dissolved in a warm beverage.

It is important to start with a smaller dose and gradually increase it as your body becomes accustomed to the supplement.

About The Shilajit Form

Shilajit products come in three main forms: resin, capsules, and powder. There are a couple of other less well-known formats, such as Pur’s pressed tablets and liquid shilajit, and I’ll cover those in the individual product breakdowns.

AttributeShilajit ResinShilajit PowderShilajit Capsules
ConcentrationHigh concentrationLower concentrationVaries by dosage
ConvenienceEasy to measure and consumeRequires mixing with liquids or foodConvenient pre-measured doses
PurityMinimal processing, potentially purerIt may contain additives or fillersQuality dependent on sourcing
Shelf LifeLonger shelf lifeA shorter shelf life may degrade over timeSimilar to powder, it may degrade over time
Absorption RatePotentially higherVariable absorption rate based on qualitySimilar to powder, it depends on digestion
Taste/TexturePreferred by some for taste and textureIt may have a gritty texture or a strong tasteNo taste, easy to swallow
PriceTypically more expensiveMore affordable for the same quantityVaries based on dosage and quality

Frequently Asked Shilajit Questions

What should I look for in a high-quality Shilajit brand?

When choosing a high-quality Shilajit brand, consider the following factors:

  • Purity: Look for products free from additives, fillers, and contaminants.
  • Source: Ensure the shilajit is sourced from reputable locations known for purity, such as the Himalayas, Altai, or Caucasus mountains.
  • Form: Based on your convenience and absorption needs, decide whether you prefer resin, powder, or capsules.
  • Testing: Check for third-party lab testing to verify the product’s authenticity and safety.
  • Concentration: A high concentration indicates a more potent product.

What are some of the top-rated Shilajit brands?

The brands mentioned on this list are the top-rated Shilajit brands. Nootrum is renowned for producing the best shilajit resin, known for its exceptional purity and high concentration. Pure Himalayan Shilajit is known for its high purity and is sourced directly from the Himalayas.

Sunfood Superfoods offers a well-regarded powder form known for its rigorous testing and quality assurance.

How can I verify the authenticity of a Shilajit product?

To verify the authenticity of a Shilajit product:

  • Lab Reports: Look for third-party lab test reports verifying the presence of fulvic acid and the absence of heavy metals.
  • Source Information: Ensure the product details the specific region from which the shilajit was sourced.
  • Customer Reviews: Check customer reviews and testimonials for feedback on the product’s effectiveness and quality.

Is there a difference in effectiveness between shilajit resin, powder, and capsules?

There are distinct differences between these types of shilajit. Resin is considered the most potent and pure form, with a higher concentration of active compounds. Powder is easier to mix with food or drinks but may contain additives or fillers.

Capsules offer convenience with pre-measured doses, but effectiveness can vary based on formulation and dosage.

Are there any potential side effects I should be aware of when taking shilajit?

While shilajit is generally safe for most people, potential side effects include:

  • Allergic Reactions: Rare but possible, especially if the product contains contaminants.
  • Digestive Issues: Some users may experience mild digestive discomfort.
  • Interaction with Medications: Consult a healthcare provider if you take medications or have underlying health conditions.

How should I store shilajit to maintain its potency?

To maintain the potency of shilajit, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the container tightly sealed.

How do I determine the right dosage of shilajit for me?

Dosage recommendations can vary, but general guidelines include:

  • Resin: Start with a small amount, such as a pea-sized portion, and gradually increase as needed.
  • Powder: Typically, 300-500 mg daily is recommended, but follow the specific product’s guidelines.
  • Capsules: Follow the dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer


Nootrum, Essencraft, or PurShilajit, which prioritize proper sourcing from the Himalayas, minimal processing, and third-party testing, are brands to consider. Nootrum is the best of the lot, with the most potent dose of shilajit.

Best Shilajit Brand

Nootrum Shilajit Resin

The most potent Shilajit brand in resin form with 85% fulvic acid for health-boosting properties.

Nootrum Shilajit


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