Sacred 7 mushroom powder is a popular mushroom supplement and one of the best sellers on Amazon. However, most of the mushrooms in Sacred 7 are underdosed, so you may not get the beneficial compounds in high enough doses for them to be effective. Sacred 7 works with straight 1:1 extracts and no standardization for […]
Nootropic mushroom supplements are an effective natural brain enhancer. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and are beginning to gain popularity due to their brain-boosting benefits. The only issue is, with so many nootropic mushroom supplements on the market, how do you know which to use? Mushroom Supplement Price Price per Serving Nootrum […]
Reviewing food supplements, and especially nootropics, completely objectively is challenging because the effects can vary heavily from individual to individual. What works perfectly for one can be a completely useless product for another, but there is some concrete data on which we can base such comparisons. This review comparison between Noocube and Brainpill does exactly […]
Being an active athlete, I’m always carrying some form of injury or joint pain, so I regularly take a joint supplement. Joint Food is one I experimented with. I’m always wary of proprietary blends since they aren’t used to hide a secret formula. They’re used to hide underdosed ingredients to fool the consumer. It’s one […]
40% to 60% of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine to manage medical conditions like joint pain [30]. The good news is there are effective supplements for joint pain. Many have even been shown to be more effective than NSAIDs in clinical trials. So, I’ve curated a list of the best joint supplements to reduce […]
Taking a multivitamin has been associated with a reduced risk of all-cause mortality and controlling blood pressure with chronic disease [1][2]. Hence taking a men’s multivitamin is your nutritional insurance when passing the ripe and wise age of 40. Unfortunately, with many multivitamin supplements currently on the market, it can be hard to know which to […]
Many people wear regular trainers to boxing training, thinking they don’t need to invest in a dedicated pair. But this is a mistake. Footwork is a fundamental part of boxing, and nothing delivers the optimal feeling and conditions for proper footwork better than boxing shoes. Only after you’ve tried will you learn how much better […]
While I enjoy stimulant nootropics the most, I also love drinking my coffee or black tea and use nootropics for long-term brain enhancement. Noocube has been a longtime favorite of mine, but now and then, new products enter the nootropic market, and I am always eager to test them. This led me to try Feedamind […]
In this nootropic comparison, we pit against each other one of the first mainstream nootropics and one of the newest additions on the market. Alpha Brain came out in 2011 and has been a staple on the nootropic market ever since, despite some shortcomings. Feedamind is a barely a year-old product that came out with […]
For the few years it has been available, thousands of people have enjoyed Vyvamind, and its simple formula and affordable price make it a stalwart of the nootropic market. However, new players enter the niche frequently, and one of them is Feedamind, which promises to replace all other nootropics. But does it fulfill its promise […]