4 Reasons why you should buy a REVGEAR BJJ Gi! Whether you are choosing your first BJJ Gi or adding to your Jiu Jitsu wardrobe , with so many choices available on the market today we thought it might be fun to write up some reasons on why you should pick a REVGEAR gi over […]
Stealth Hybrid MMA Shorts The Stealth Hybrid MMA Shorts are the world’s lightest. They are the most comfortable shorts you will ever wear for combat sports. The best shorts ever made for MMA, kickboxing, no gi grappling, or Krav Maga, the Revgear Stealth Hybrid MMA Shorts are versatile, practical and stylish. No matter what martial […]
Bionic Compression is Superhuman Be more than human with the new Bionic range from Revgear From the ring, to the mat, to the gym, the Bionic compression range from Revgear is designed to take your performance to the next level. The Bionic range offers full body compression for increased performance and faster recovery. The Revgear […]
Jitz Jacket Wear your BJJ practice on the street with the Revgear Jitz Jacket Revgear continues to innovate, bringing you the ultra-cool Jitz Jacket; the must-have item for any serious Jiujiteiro who wants to bring their fashion game up to the level of their Jiu Jitsu. The ultimate in martial style, the Jitz Jacket combines […]
The Motion Master – Pounding Perfection The Motion Master was developed alongside coach Erik Paulson of CSW, Revgear’s first and longest serving ambassador The Motion Master is a peerless training item that is often imitated, but never equalled. More than a grappling and MMA dummy, it is a unique piece of kit that brings a […]
Mini Air Mitt Pro – The World’s Best Focus Mitt for MMA The Revgear Mini Air Mitt Pro has been years in the making. With the help of striking coach nonpareil Eddie Cha, Revgear has created the world’s best focus mitt for MMA. Eddie Cha is the best striking coach you have never heard of. […]
REVGEAR’s resident writer, Tom Billinge recently released his second book “War Yoga” after many years of research including two trips to India to develop his understanding of this ancient tradition which he now shares his knowledge with the combat sports world. I first met Tom many years ago in my home town of Newcastle Upon […]
Robson Gracie Jr Exclusive Interview Revgear’s Creative Director and host of the Fight Business podcast catches up with Alex Wright catches up with Robson Gracie Jr Robson Gracie Jr is the modern face of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s most famous dynasty. Everyone who trains BJJ has heard a lot about the Gracie family, but Robson answers […]
Meet Robson Jr: The Next Generation Gracie The Gracie family require no introduction. From the beginning of BJJ to today, they have been there every step of the way. Now a new generation is leading the charge and at the head of it is Robson Gracie Jr. Based in New York City, Robson Jr trains […]
Every Day is Fight Day for Angel “Halo” Lopez Step inside Halo Jiu Jitsu Academy where every day is fight day and meet Angel Lopez as he gets ready to lay it on the line at Rollar 10K Angel Lopez has a simple philosophy – every day is fight day. A result of his time […]