Rollar 10K – The UK’s Hottest BJJ Competition BJJ tournaments all seem to be doing the same thing (with a few notable exceptions). Every now and then, something comes along and changes the game. Enter Rollar 10K Rollar 10K is the latest competition on the BJJ scene, but unlike the IBJJF clones, the organisers want […]
The Joy of BJJ Joy Pendell takes us on a journey from CA to FL to fight on Fight 2 Win and express the joy of BJJ Cali beekeeper and BJJ killer Joy Pendell and her bestie Lyzz Mytrovi?, the other half of Hoes In Kimonos, travel from Stonyford CA to Florida for Fight 2 […]
Combat Jiu Jitsu: The Realest Grappling on the Planet Tejana firecracker Paulina Granados takes us backstage at the Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds in Cancun Mexico for Fight Day Combat Jiu Jitsu is the newest kid on the block in the grappling world. After lurking in the shadows, its time has finally come to shine. CJJ […]
The Fight Business Podcast Join Alex Wright as he talks Fight Business with the personalities who have made the fight game what it is today and will be carrying it forward into the future Everyone thinks they know about the game, but Fight Business brings you the real scoop on what it’s all about. Irreverent Englishman and […]
The Revgear Kick Shield Changed the Game Born from the mind of Revgear founder Paul Reavlin in 1994, the Kick Shield remains a Krav Maga classic to this day The Kick Shield may look like many others on the market at first glance, but what is happening on the inside and on the back reveals […]
The Story of the Krav Maga Tombstone Pad The Tombstone Pad is where it all began. Founder of Revgear, Paul Reavlin, recounts the story of the Tombstone and how Revgear first started In 1994, Paul was training with Darren Levine at Krav Maga Worldwide and felt that the equipment available to them wasn’t fit for […]
Get Your Backstage Pass on Fight Day See every high and low, the laughs, the tough moments, the weigh in drama, the team banter, the days, hours, minutes and seconds that lead up to showtime in Revgear’s new series Fight Day Showing a whole side of the fight game that very few get to see, Fight […]
Chris Camozzi Reflects on his Time in the Fight Game Chris Camozzi answers a few questions from Revgear’s Paulina Granados Where are you from? I was born in Alameda, California and I moved to Denver in 1997 so originally from California but I’ve spend most of my life in Colorado. How old were you when […]
Open your Wings of Victory The Wings of Victory is a signature move of F2W athlete Daniel Wuerthner Daniel has successfully used the Wings of Victory in several BJJ tournaments to take the winning podium position. Here, Daniel shares the secrets of the technique so you can raise your hand in victory. The move begins […]
Do You Make Losing Bets in Jiu Jitsu? Max from BJJFlowcharts explains why you need to stop making losing bets Let’s play a game. I have an app that randomly generates a number from 1 to 100. We both bet $100. If the number is between 1 and 90, I win. If it’s between 91 […]