Counter Attack with a Strong Defense from Russian

Pete Shoemaker shows us a fast counter attacking defense from Russian that turns the tables on your opponent and gets you a double leg

Following on from his last video on the Russian, F2W Athlete Pete Shoemaker, head coach of Precision Jiu Jitsu Spring Mount, PA, shows us his defense from Russian. The Russian tie can be a difficult position to free yourself from without compromising your position and allowing your opponent to control you. Pete’s defense from Russian gets you from being controlled by your opponent, to getting a take down in three easy steps.

The defense from Russian begins with your opponent having full control of your arm with a Russian tie. The first thing you do, is step the near side leg forward and drop your level. Then you rotate outwards, away from your opponent, travelling in a full rotation to face him, ready to take the double leg. You have to be careful when executing this move, because if you don’t change your level, your opponent can easily get you into a headlock.

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Tom Billinge Tom is the Editor of Revgear Sports and the founder of WarYoga. He is a 10th Planet purple belt and a Muay Thai Kru having spent over two decades in the sport in Thailand and around the world. Tom has trained Lethwei in Myanmar, Kushti wrestling in India, Zurkhaneh sports in Iran, boxing throughout Europe, and catch wrestling in the USA. Tom also resurrected the ancient techniques of traditional British bareknuckle pugilism from archaic manuals.