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I Tried InnoSupps T-Drive For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)

I Tried InnoSupps T-Drive For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)


Testosterone levels are commonly associated with male libido. Still, healthy testosterone production is also what gives men their mental drive and energy, not to mention the effects it has on physical strength, muscle growth, muscle recovery, and proper sexual function.

T Drive is a product designed to help elevate testosterone levels, restoring them to healthy levels.

I tested T Drive to see how it holds up as a testosterone booster, and the results were interesting.


  • Highly reputable brand with years in the business.
  • Completely natural ingredients.
  • It’s manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.


  • Some ingredients lack scientific backing.
  • It’s not quite as effective as other options in a similar price bracket.
Prime Male Vitality

Quick Verdict

Who Is InnoSupps?

InnoSupps is a company that specializes primarily in sports supplements. T-drive’s core focus is improving athletic and physical performance.

They’re a reputable brand that manufactures its products in the US in GMP-certified facilities. It is committed to never using any filler, additives, or artificial sweeteners in its products and submits its products to third-party testing, which is exactly what you want to see.

Unfortunately, not all of the ingredients used in T-Drive were effective, and some lacked high-quality clinical data.

InnoSupps T-Drive Ingredients

Vitamin D – 62.5mcg

It is often called the sunshine vitamin, as we get most of what we need from the sun. That is, we used to, as modern indoor living has caused approximately 40% of Americans to have sub-optimal vitamin D levels.

When these suboptimal levels are treated, it’s been clinically proven to improve serum testosterone levels, but even if your levels are good, supplementation still offers protection against low testosterone levels [1].

Niacin – 10mg

Whilst its effects are slight, the data is clear that niacin supplementation can boost testosterone levels in rats and help reverse testicular damage [2].

However, tests on human subjects are yet to be seen, leading some to question the validity of claims that niacin can support healthy testosterone production in males.

Magnesium – 200mg

Magnesium is an essential mineral in everything from metabolism to hormonal balance.

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that magnesium positively influences anabolic hormonal status, particularly testosterone in men, showing that supplementation can boost testosterone production [3].

Zinc – 15mg

Sometimes referred to as the male hormone, zinc is highly present in areas that influence secondary sexual characteristics in men, including the thyroid and prostate.

It’s been well documented throughout years of research that zinc deficiency lowers testosterone levels, and zinc supplementation can increase testosterone levels [4].

Ashwagandha Root Extract – 400mg

This is a commonly found ingredient for a natural testosterone booster, with a historical use as a tonic and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.

It’s been extensively studied for everything from improving sleep quality and libido with mixed findings.

However, the clinical data is clear on one thing: after around 8 weeks of supplementation, Ashwagandha increases serum testosterone levels significantly [5].

Fenugreek Seed Extract – 400mg

Extracts of Fenugreek have found their way into many aspects of our lives, being present in everything from soaps and cosmetics to being used as a flavoring agent in foods, beverages, and tobacco.

It’s long been thought capable of improving testosterone levels in the blood, and this effect has been clinically shown [6]. But there are two things to take note of here:

First, fenugreek also reduces serum Creatine levels, which can significantly reduce strength and workout intensity and slow muscle recovery.

Secondly, the dosage is as most clinical data shows that subjects supplement 300mg twice daily.

Tribulus Terrestris Whole Herb Extract – 300mg

Traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine as a tonic and aphrodisiac, as well as finding its way into European medicine as a way to improve sexual potency, Tribulus Terrestris has found itself in many testosterone boosters.

However, its ability to improve testosterone production is hotly contested by the clinical data, which, more often than not, shows no increase in free testosterone levels at all [7].

However, it’s worth noting that nitric oxide is increased, which can improve blood flow and possibly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, though this effect has no supporting clinical data.

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract – 250mg

Forskohlii is a chemical that has undergone extensive testing. It is also used in pharmaceutical preparations and research in cell biology.

The data shows that Forskohlii can improve testosterone levels significantly [8]. However, it’s a less commonly found ingredient in testosterone-boosting supplements because of the high dosage requirement of 750mg per day.

The data also specifically targets obese men, so it’s unclear if these effects are going to be effective for healthy males.

Epimedium Whole Herb Extract – 300mg

More Popularly known as horny goat weed, Epimedium is a bit of a gimmick ingredient when it comes to testosterone supplements, with many claiming it can aid with erectile dysfunction.

While there is data supporting this, all of the positive results come from China, with almost no research from elsewhere to corroborate its effects.

In terms of testosterone production, there’s also very little supporting evidence, and what does exist is primarily from animal studies [9].

Boron – 10mg

Interestingly, this trace element is not native to Earth in an unbound form. That said, it can aid our health in many ways, including hormone production.

In a review discussing the various health benefits, researchers concluded that Boron can significantly increase testosterone levels in healthy men, making it a great addition to any testosterone-boosting supplement [10].

InnoSupps T Drive Price

The price depends on where you buy InnoSupps T Drive and whether you opt for a subscription. I’ll break it down for you below:

Testosterone BoosterOne Time PurchaseSubscription
InnoSupps T Drive$69.99 (Official website)$52.49 (Official website)
$79.99 (Amazon)$75.98 (Amazon)

InnoSupps T Drive Benefits

Increase Free and Total Testosterone Levels

T-Drive contains ingredients clinically shown to support significantly increased free and total testosterone levels, enhance muscle gains, boost energy, and improve overall Vitality.

This can lead to improved well-being and increased motivation in and out of the gym.

Improved Lean Muscle Mass and Strength Gains

T-Drive is designed to help you achieve explosive muscle gains and amplify strength.

The blend of ingredients like KSM-66® Ashwagandha supports lean muscle growth and improved body composition, making your workouts more effective and results-driven.

Enhanced Recovery and Reduced Muscle Fatigue

Speed up your post-workout recovery with T-Drive’s blend of natural ingredients.

This supplement helps reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to return to your training regimen faster and with more strength, ultimately leading to better fitness results.

Regulated Cortisol Levels

T-Drive aids in maintaining healthy cortisol levels, which is crucial for reducing the catabolic effects of stress.

By managing cortisol, T-Drive promotes muscle growth and aids in faster recovery, ensuring that your body remains in an anabolic state.

My Experience Taking InnoSupps T Drive

With a decent selection of primarily clinically backed ingredients, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started supplementing InnoSupps T-Drive.

On the bottle, it claims to amplify muscle growth, improve sexual function, and supercharge my libido.

Initially, I did notice a slight increase in energy and a modest improvement in my workouts. I felt a bit more focused and driven, which was encouraging.

However, as the weeks passed, I realized the changes weren’t as significant as I had hoped.

My muscle gains were there but weren’t as explosive as the product description led me to believe.

The improvement in my strength and lean muscle mass was minimal compared to other testosterone boosters I’ve tried in the past.

Despite having some worthwhile ingredients, T-drive ultimately misses the mark and fails to deliver a notable change to testosterone levels. Some ingredients had remarkable results with obese men so that it might work under those conditions.

Customer InnoSupps T-Drive Reviews

They have a decent score on TrustPilot, 3.2 out of 5 stars. But the distribution of ratings is quite alarming.

Amazon shows a 4.2/5 star rating.

38% of the total ratings are 5 stars, which seems commendable, but 49% are 1 star. Despite Trustpilot’s efforts to prevent paid reviews on its site, its protection is far from foolproof.

In fact, under the “company activity” section, Trustpilot plainly states that InnoSupps actively asks for reviews, which has likely led to an artificial increase in 5-star reviews.

When reading some of these reviews, you can see some people complaining of severe side effects, including extreme stomach distress.

There are also a worrying number of people complaining that despite ordering their products over four weeks prior, they have still not received a delivery and simply get told to be patient by customer service staff members.

InnoSupps T-Drive Side Effects

There’s minimal risk of side effects thanks to T-drive being made up of entirely natural ingredients. I didn’t experience any adverse effects when taking it.

That said, side effects that may occur include stomach distress, loose stool, nausea, and drowsiness.

If any adverse effects occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional if possible.

InnoSupps T-Drive Alternatives

Prime Male Vitality

Prime Male Vitality

Prime Male Vitality is a fantastic product for improving testosterone levels and body composition.

Both testosterone supplements contain vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, all clinically proven to interact with testosterone levels.

They differ in that Prime Males include Vitamins K2 and B6, which are shown to improve testosterone production.

Regarding herbal supplements, both contain Ashwagandha and Boron, but that’s where the similarities end.

Key ingredients in Vitality include D-aspartic acid, a well-researched way to improve testosterone levels and muscle mass. It’s one of the reasons it’s ranked my best testosterone booster for men over 40.

Luteolin is known to activate steroidogenesis for improved testosterone and progesterone production. Ginseng is known to help dramatically reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction thanks to its ability to improve blood flow throughout the body.

Finally, there’s nettle root extract, known to improve free testosterone levels by reducing the conversion rate of testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

When too high, DHT leads to hair loss and prostate enlargement, as well as more fat build-up around the upper chest.

You can read more about this in my Prime Male review.


TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Supplement

TestoFuel markets itself as the most effective testosterone supplement, using a sensible approach by primarily incorporating vitamins and minerals associated with low testosterone that men are typically deficient in.

After trying it for myself, I found that it contains natural ingredients proven to increase testosterone levels without causing any side effects.

It effectively boosts testosterone levels in a few weeks while being reasonably priced. I packed on muscle mass and improved my strength while taking it, which is why it’s ranked my best testosterone booster for muscle gain.

You can read more about this in my TestoFuel review.



TestoPrime is a natural supplement designed to support healthy testosterone levels. It contains ingredients like Vitamin D, Zinc, and Fenugreek and is formulated without harmful additives.

It offers a lifetime money-back guarantee, is produced in GMP-certified facilities, and includes clinically backed ingredients. However, TestoPrime is priced higher than some alternatives, making cost a consideration for potential users.

You can read more about this in my TestoPrime review.


On paper, T-drive is a mediocre but still reasonably competent and natural solution to low testosterone levels. However, they’re a great company with many years of experience making popular products.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out Prime Male Vitality for a reliable, cost-effective way to improve your testosterone levels.

Prime Male

Prime Male Vitality

The powerful testosterone booster increases energy and vitality with optimally dosed ingredients.

Prime Male Vitality


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