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Get a Leg Sweep from 50/50 with Josh Chavez

F2W BJJ athlete Josh Chavez shows us how he likes to get a leg sweep from 50/50.

Josh Chavez of Lake County BJJ in Mundelein, IL is a Fight 2 Win veteran and regularly competes at a high level. Here, he shares a leg sweep from 50/50 that will put you in a position of advantage from a neutral situation.

In the previous video, Josh showed us how to get from 50/50 to the back. If your opponent is good at sitting back, then this gives you an alternative to trying to get the back. In this situation, you could go for the open sweep, but your opponent is likely to simply pressure back in.

From 50/50, switch your grip and get your elbow in front of your opponent’s ankle, controlling it and lifting his foot off the mat. Using your other hand, control his hip. Extend your foot at your opponent’s shoulder so that you can give your knee more room. Then pull your knee hard into your chest so you can get a hook in behind your opponent’s knee. If your opponent was up, then you could go for a crab ride or a baby bolo, but if his hips are flat, the sweep is your best option.

Using your left hand and left foot, you bridge up onto your shoulder, pressuring in with the foot and making sure that you really stack your opponent. Since your opponent is stacked, you can release the right hand from their ankle. Grab his thigh and forward shrimp in as you drag their leg, lifting his hip. You then bring your shoulder to his hip and switch the hand that was controlling the thigh to his other thigh, controlling it so it doesn’t come over. Walk up, drag his hips over, and grab the back of his collar. From here, you can start looking for his back.

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