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My Experience Using Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate (2024 Review)

My Experience Using Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate (2024 Review)


There are thousands of protein powders available, and differentiating them is challenging if you don’t have a background in this area. Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate is a newer product advertised as a natural, high-quality protein powder with no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

So, I’ve tested it to see if it lives up to their claims.


  • Naturally flavored: Stevia is used as a sweetener and natural flavors are used for the chocolate and vanilla options.
  • Lower in lactose: Since it’s a whey isolate, it is filtered more than a whey concentrate, removing most lactose that may upset people with dairy intolerances.
  • Only 3 ingredients: Whey protein isolate, natural flavor, and stevia. That’s it.
  • Bulk purchases significantly reduce the price: Price ranges from $1.67-$2 per serving, which is on par with most high-quality protein powders.
  • Free shipping: It ships free within the USA with no minimum order amount, significantly reducing the price per serving.


  • There are only two flavors: Chocolate and vanilla.
  • Not third-party tested: While they provide a transparent Certificate of Analysis showing no contamination, there is no third-party testing for WADA-banned substances.
Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate

Quick Verdict

Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate Review


Unlike other protein powders with a laundry list of ingredients, Lift Big Eat Big protein has just 3: whey protein isolate, natural flavor, and Stevia. This makes it a high-quality, natural protein powder without junk fillers.

Because it’s sweetened with Stevia and flavored naturally, there are no extra carbohydrates or fat, making it a pure protein supplement.


There are only two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Typically, I’m skeptical of protein powders flavored with Stevia as, for the uninitiated, Stevia can leave an unpleasant flavor. But this is one of the best-tasting protein powders I’ve had.

Because of the natural flavors and sweeteners, it’s not as sweet as other brands, which is a welcome change. The chocolate flavor tastes like a darker milk chocolate shake.


With the boom of the supplement industry, competing in this saturated market would be impossible if the protein powder doesn’t mix properly or taste good.

Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate mixes well and does not form clumps, as you’d expect from a high-quality protein powder.

Third-Party Testing

Lift Big Eat Big Protein is not third-party tested for banned substances, which may be an issue for competitive drug-tested athletes or first responders.

However, they transparently share their Certificate of Analysis, which shows that their protein really is protein (and not spiked with useless amino acids) and contains no heavy metals or other contaminants.


Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein may seem slightly more expensive at face value. But you’re getting a pure whey isolate naturally flavored with only three ingredients, ensuring quality and no fillers.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

Protein Powder1 Tub2 Tubs3 Tubs
Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate$59.99 / 28 servings ($2.14 per serving)$109.99 / 56 servings ($1.96 per serving)$149.99 / 84 servings ($1.78 per serving)

When you factor in free shipping, no matter the size of your order, the price per serving drops even further.

One downside is they don’t ship internationally, only within the USA.

Who Is Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein For?

Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate Review

Strength Athletes and Bodybuilders

Protein powder was initially packaged and marketed to strength athletes and bodybuilders. It’s an easy and convenient way to hit your daily protein target or spike the building of new muscle after a workout.

Two scoops of Lift Big Eat Big protein get you 36 g of protein in an easy-to-consume drink.

People Avoiding Artificial Flavors and Sweeteners

Some people don’t like artificial flavors and sweeteners, which can potentially cause stomach discomfort or headaches. Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein is free from these.

Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes also benefit from protein supplements and may need higher protein intakes than regular people [1]. Instead of trying to stomach loads of chicken breast and canned tuna, a protein shake is easy and convenient.

Everyday Exercise Enthusiasts

Lift Big Eat Big Protein isn’t solely reserved for those with muscle-building and sports performance aspirations. Protein powder is a food supplement that helps you hit your daily protein goals.

Eating enough meat to hit 0.7-1 g per pound of bodyweight can be challenging, and that doesn’t take into account the hefty expense of buying meat.

Hence, Lift Big Eat Big Protein is cheaper per serving meal than meat, and it can replace one or two meals in your day.

Busy Professionals

Sitting and eating a prepared meal is unlikely if you’re going from meeting to meeting. But having a shake on hand where you can fill, shake, and slam is a simple way to reduce hunger cravings and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Those Wanting To Lose Weight

The biggest mistake I encounter with people losing weight is they significantly undereat protein. Supplementing with Lift Big Eat Big Protein is a simple, low-calorie option to reach your protein target while remaining in a caloric deficit.

How To Take Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein

Lift Big Eat Big Pure Whey Protein Isolate


Take 1-2 scoops at any time of the day. One scoop provides 18 g of protein, and two scoops provide 36 g.

Time Of Consumption

When you consume Lift Big Eat Big Protein, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is hitting your daily protein target of 0.7-1 g per pound of bodyweight. Timing becomes irrelevant after that.

However, it is often consumed directly after a workout for convenience. You don’t have to do this. Instead, you can use it as a meal replacement within a smoothie when on the go.

Is Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate Worth It?

It’s difficult to find a three-ingredient protein powder that tastes great and is a pure whey isolate, especially under $2 per serving. Because of this, Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate is worth the price.

My experience using it has been awesome, and I don’t get any bloating or digestion issues from the dairy-based protein powder. Cheaper options can cause stomach problems because of the cheaper quality whey protein or other fillers.

Lift Big Eat Big Protein

Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate

A pure whey protein isolate with only three natural ingredients.

Lift Big Eat Big Whey Protein Isolate


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