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I Tried A Box Of Mdrive Prime (My 2024 Review)

I Tried A Box Of Mdrive Prime (My 2024 Review)


As men age, we all must face decreasing testosterone levels. This is one of our bodies’ natural processes as we age, as production begins to slow from around age 30 for most and at a rate of around 1% every year.

This can have a profound effect on many aspects of our lives, including increased stress levels, reduced energy levels, and increased risk of sexual performance issues.

Mdrive Prime is a popular testosterone booster thanks to its reasonable price, but how does it compare to the competition? I tested it to see how its formula compares with larger supplement brands.


  • Good selection of vitamins.
  • Potent stress relief.
  • It’s an entirely natural formula.
  • Transparent labeling.
  • There is a low chance of side effects.


  • Poor dosage of many ingredients.
  • Only two clinically backed ingredients.
Prime Male Vitality

Quick Verdict

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Mdrive Prime?

Mdrive started with a husband and wife and some friends. The brand was created with the vision of creating helpful and affordable dietary supplements for numerous use cases.

They’ve tried their hand at nootropics, weight loss, and athletic performance boosters, but today, we’re diving into one of their most popular testosterone boosters.

Mdrive Prime contains 10 natural ingredients and no artificial additives, though it’s notable that this is not a vegan product as it contains milk. Its claims are that it can boost testosterone levels, increase immune function, help build strength and lean muscle, and improve energy levels, vitality, stamina, and sexual health.

Mdrive Prime Ingredients

Vitamin D – 10mcg

Being derived from the sun, you’d think that Vitamin D was plentiful and easy to get enough of, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. We tend to spend most of our lives indoors, and the UV rays required can’t penetrate windows. This means over 40% of Americans have suboptimal levels of this essential vitamin.

If you have a deficiency, the science stacks up, with most studies showing an increase in testosterone due to interactions between vitamin D and sex hormone-binding globulin [1].

The dosing here is reasonable, though it might not be enough depending on whether or not you get enough vitamin D in your diet/ lifestyle.

Niacin – 50mg

When converted into its metabolically active form, Vitamin B3 is a required catalyst for more than 400 enzyme reactions in the body, more than any over-vitamin-derived coenzyme [2].

When delivered in high doses (800mg/kg), it has been found to increase serum testosterone levels and reduce oxidative stress in rats’ testes [3].

At the dose we’re getting here, these results are very unlikely to be reproduced, and with limited human trials, it seems like its inclusion here is either the result of purchasing a full vitamin blend or just as a boon for your overall health and to increase energy.

Vitamin B6 – 10mg

Playing an important role in our metabolism, Vitamin B6 here is essential for over a hundred enzymatic reactions, with a significant portion being related to protein metabolism.

It also influences cognitive growth via the production of neurotransmitters and the regulation of homocysteine, a type of amino acid found in our bloodstream [4].

Similar to niacin, there’s limited evidence for any interactions between Vitamin B6 and steroid hormone levels, with most positive data being found 30-plus years ago and in animal trials. Its inclusion is once again likely as a way to improve energy levels.

Vitamin B12 – 120mcg

The last of the B vitamins in Mdrive Prime is Vitamin B12. As is typical with B vitamins, B12 plays a very important role in metabolism and overall health.

It is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the central nervous system, healthy red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis [5].

Though it’s not considered a testosterone booster, Vitamin B12 does play a role in male sexual health. It’s been found to increase the efficacy of male reproductive organs, improving

sperm quality and sperm count. The only downside is that this improvement takes place slowly over many weeks [6].

Chromium – 200mcg

This trace element is found in many different food groups and is thought to improve insulin action and play a role in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates [7].

Interestingly, some data suggests that Chromium supplements can diminish testosterone levels, so we’re unsure of why it’s been included in a testosterone booster.

It does this because it interacts with certain receptors and enzymes involved in steroidogenesis (the creation of testosterone), reducing their activity [8].

KSM 66 Ashwagandha Extract – 600mg

Derived from the roots of an African shrub, Ashwagandha has been used as a herbal supplement for decades. Its use in medicine dates back nearly 3,000 years and has been used as everything as an aphrodisiac, narcotic, tonic, diuretic, and stimulant [9].

Being one of the most well-studied and understood herbal supplements, the data shows that Ashwagandha can increase testosterone production.

We found a study that confirmed this, with researchers concluding, “The findings from this study demonstrated 8 weeks of supplementation with ashwagandha extract (600mg daily) was associated with significant improvements in salivary testosterone and DHEA-S [10].

Tongkat Ali Extract – 200mg

Native to the Philippines and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali has been gaining a reputation lately as a way to improve male sexual performance, but what does the data say?

It doesn’t interact directly with testosterone production but instead provides a powerful stress reduction and diminishes cortisol levels.

Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it’s found to have a see-saw relationship with testosterone levels. One goes up, and the other goes down, so by providing stress relief, Tongkat Ali has been observed clinically to increase testosterone levels significantly [11].

S7 – 50mg

S7 represents a weird blend of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale. No other combination of ingredients can boost testosterone like this.

There is some evidence for parts of the blend, such as green coffee bean extract, but when there’s only 50mg in the mixture, there’s nowhere near enough to make an impact.

DHEA – 5mg

When we mentioned at the beginning of this article that testosterone production slowly decreases, it’s because our bodies begin producing less DHEA. DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, and it’s essentially what our bodies use to produce sex hormones.

Evidence suggests that supplementing 50mg DHEA can improve serum testosterone levels in middle-aged men [12], so it’s unclear whether you’ll see any benefit with a dosage of only 10% of that.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract – 5mg

Though it’s not an ingredient that can boost testosterone, black pepper fruit extract is beneficial for any dietary supplement.

This is because it can improve the bioavailability of the other ingredients present, which is just a fancy way of saying our bodies will better absorb them, increasing their potency.

Mdrive Prime Price

Testosterone BoosterOne Time PurchaseSubscription
Mdrive Prime$28.99 ($0.97 per serving)$27.54 ($0.92 per serving)

You can purchase Mdrive Prime once (30 days) for $39.99, or you can opt for their subscription service to save 20%, making the purchase $31.99 every 30 days.

This also comes with free shipping, and all products are subject to a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Mdrive Benefits

Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Mdrive testosterone booster is designed to combat the natural decline in testosterone levels that men experience as they age, typically starting around age 30. With its all-natural formula, Mdrive aims to enhance your body’s testosterone production, helping to restore energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Enhance Energy and Vitality

One of Mdrive’s key benefits is its potential to improve energy levels. Including vitamins like B6 and B12, along with other natural ingredients, supports your metabolism and helps you feel more energetic throughout the day.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle with fatigue and low energy due to declining testosterone levels.

Support Muscle Growth and Strength

Mdrive contains ingredients that support muscle growth and strength, making it a valuable supplement for those looking to improve their physical performance.

Vitamins D and B3 and herbal extracts like Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali work together to enhance muscle mass and improve recovery after workouts.

Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

The stress-relieving properties of Mdrive, primarily attributed to Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali, can help reduce cortisol levels in the body. Lower cortisol levels are associated with higher testosterone levels, leading to better mood, reduced stress, and improved overall mental well-being.

Who Is Mdrive For

Budget-Conscious Consumers

With its reasonable pricing and subscription options, Mdrive is accessible for men looking to try a testosterone booster without breaking the bank. It offers a cost-effective way to explore the benefits of testosterone support.

Aging Men

As men get older, they often face issues like reduced energy levels, increased stress, and lower libido due to decreasing testosterone. Mdrive aims to help these men maintain their vitality, strength, and well-being by supporting natural testosterone production.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Active men who regularly exercise may benefit from Mdrive’s ability to enhance muscle growth, improve recovery times, and boost energy levels. The supplement can help athletes and gym-goers sustain their performance and achieve better results from their workouts.

Men Seeking Stress Relief

For high-stress levels, Mdrive includes ingredients like Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali, which have been shown to reduce cortisol levels. Lowering cortisol can improve overall mood, reduce stress, and support better mental health.

Individuals Looking for Natural Supplements

Mdrive is ideal for men who prefer supplements with natural ingredients and transparent labeling. It avoids synthetic additives and focuses on natural vitamins and herbal extracts to provide a safer, more holistic approach to testosterone support.

My Experience Taking Mdrive Prime

What drew us to Mdrive Prime was its great pricing options and suitable Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali dosage. These are popular ingredients with a lot of scientific backing, so we expected a small but noticeable boost to testosterone.

After a month of supplementation, we noticed some improvement, especially with stress relief. However, any advertised improvement in energy levels and strength was lacking.

Some other options we’ve tried in the past gave us a notable increase in energy and sexual desire, making Mdrive Prime an overall underwhelming and disappointing testosterone booster.

We like that its ingredients list is transparent but feel that the effects have been overstated by quite a large margin.

What we’re looking for is effectiveness and the opportunity to experience the listed benefits, and in that respect, Mdrive Prime hasn’t quite met the expectations its marketing set.

Customer Mdrive Reviews

Looking at the Amazon listing, we see a 4.1 out of 5 stars, which is commendable. However, it’s always important to take these numbers with a grain of salt, as it’s very easy for companies nowadays to artificially inflate their cores with fake/paid-for reviews.

When we dive deeper into what the reviews actually say, there’s a consensus of feeling let down by the product’s not achieving its advertised effects.

Other independent reviews seem to have similar feelings towards it, with many people pointing out that much of the formula is just a generic vitamin blend with a few good ingredients.

Mdrive Prime Side Effects

I didn’t experience any adverse side effects, which is a great start, but as mentioned in the experience section, I didn’t feel many positive effects either.

You might experience some side effects with including Ashwagandha, which, despite being a well-studied herbal supplement, still lacks much observation of long-term use. Short-term side effects are typically mild but include stomach upset, loose stools, nausea, and drowsiness.

While we didn’t experience any of this ourselves, it’s important to take note of potential side effects, as everyone’s physiology is slightly different. Just because we managed to dodge these side effects, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience them yourself.

Mdrive Prime Alternatives


TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Supplement

This is one of our all-time favorite testosterone boosters. Its formula wastes no space, starting off with a very strong vitamin blend that includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Zinc is especially notable, as it’s sometimes even referred to as the male mineral for how important a role it plays in maintaining our sexual health. You can find zinc abundant in the prostate, showing its importance in male secondary sexual characteristics.

Moving on to the herbal blend, we have an absolute powerhouse with 2,000mg of D-aspartic acid. This is well known to boost testosterone and male fertility, making it a fantastic inclusion that’s generously dosed.

It’s also my best testosterone booster for muscle gain based on it’s potent formulation.

We also have Oyster Shell, which is once again another fantastic source of zinc, and Panax Ginseng, which improves blood flow to provide stronger and longer-lasting erections.

Of course, there is much more discussion, such as fenugreek seed extract inhibiting sex hormone binding globulin to increase free testosterone in the blood.

You can read more about this in my TestoFuel review.



TestoPrime is a natural testosterone booster designed to support healthy testosterone levels. It contains ingredients like Vitamin D, Zinc, and Fenugreek without harmful additives.

The product offers a lifetime money-back guarantee, is produced in GMP-certified facilities, and aims to boost energy, muscle strength, and mental clarity. However, it lacks verified user reviews and comprehensive clinical backing.

You can read more about this in my TestoPrime review.

Prime Male Vitality

Prime Male Vitality

Prime Male Vitality is a top choice for boosting testosterone levels and improving body composition. Unlike other testosterone supplements, Prime Male includes vital nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, scientifically proven to positively affect testosterone levels.

What sets Prime Male apart is its inclusion of additional vitamins, such as K2 and B6, which are recognized for enhancing testosterone production. It’s what makes it the best testosterone booster for men over 40.

The supplement also contains luteolin, which aids in steroidogenesis, boosting the production of testosterone and progesterone.

Furthermore, nettle root extract in Prime Male helps elevate free testosterone levels by reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a hormone linked to hair loss, prostate enlargement, and increased fat around the chest.

You can read more about this in my Prime Male review.


Whilst its price is definitely an inviting prospect, I’d rather spend a bit more and really feel a boost than spend less and wonder where the money went.

If you need to save or just want to dip your toe in without breaking the bank, then there are certainly worse options out there. But if you want to experience the boost to testosterone you’re craving, Prime Male Vitality is the better option by far.

Prime Male

Prime Male Vitality

The powerful testosterone booster increases energy and vitality with optimally dosed ingredients.

Prime Male Vitality


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